The embarrassment ought to lie with Ted Wilson, those that …

Comment on LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued by WM.

The embarrassment ought to lie with Ted Wilson, those that run this site, and those that use The Word of God to disparage others. The truth of this statement is evident by the Un-Christian manner in which they impose their agendas onto to others. Anyone recall Wilson’s treatment of those working with Adventist Relief?

While I too get caught up in “the blame game,” we must think of the LSU students. If LSU is not an accredited university (which may happen do to Wilson, Blackmer, Jackson, Graham, “The 3 Sisters,” and others), then the students are the ones who suffer – as their degrees will be likened to those that “graduate” from some for-profit online “college.”

We need a well educated congregation for our church to not only survive, but moreover, THRIVE.

To be sure, Fundamental Belief 6, as well as each and every Fundamental Belief, MUST be taught in our institutions; however, if we are to have our beliefs represented in the scientific community then Science Majors MUST have knowledge of The THEORY of Evolution (even the secular world considers Evolution a theory – not absolute fact).

Wilson’s dog-and-pony show, or more accurate, egotistical-power show OUGHT NOT damage the future of our church. Those board members who have succumbed to the Un-Christian behavior of “Power-Grabbers” like Wilson, including Graham and “The 3 Sisters,” ought to show they are Christian through DEEDS. They must halt their concerted effort to defame LSU and those who are educating our church. For, if we treat our fellow Adventists this way, how can we effectively spread our message and grow our church – as our own beliefs are not being followed by the church leaders.