Greg, you are not making sense. How could you …

Comment on LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued by Ron D Henderson.

Greg, you are not making sense. How could you conclude that I favour discrimination against women because I say that we should not go to court here?? If we break the law of the land as a church then we are wrong; only when the law of the land goes against God’s laws should we stand for God regardless. How does the LSU law suit justify the law of the land?? Let’s see what will come of the case before we form conclusions. Your references to past faults of the church does not justify this case. Let’s wait and see. In the meanwhile the three men should have discussed with the brethren at the GC if they thought injustice was done before running to the courts. This only shows something about them. (Maybe they did discuss with the GC about their intentions if they could not settle their issue, who knows).

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LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued
Friends, God is not mocked. His advice is not to go to court in cases like this; and especially when they precipitated the firing by choice. They could have admitted error and pleaded mercy; they did not. There are some cases where the courts are beyond our control. This was not. While they do cause God’s name to ‘stink,’ it is not the first time that this has happened to God. He is well able to take care of himself. The consequences fall back on us and our mission to reach others for the kingdom.

LSU, Pacific Union Conference and North American Division Sued
Let’s see what the Lord will allow to unfold. These men voluntarily resigned instead of facing the consequences of their bad conduct. Who knows what the consequences would have been? And should there not have been consequences for bad conduct? It is interesting to see that these men were willing to go to court! What does that say for the rest of us who may have been badly treated?

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Scientists and the Temptation to Bias Results
This is so sad but not surprising. One can add to this article the intimidation at universities of creationists, and even the threat of not graduating those who hold creationist world views. And even the governments’ educational systems support these frauds one way or the other. I guess the devil must do his work of obfuscation and deceit. Unfortunately some of humanity will learn the truth too late.

Believing the Disproven – An Adventure in Science
Excellent article! However this is not unique or strange for the truth presenters. How many times in the Bible we read of the ‘truthers’ accommodating error? Legion; just check the record of the kings of Israel and Judea. Did not our mother inherit that from satan in the Garden under the forbidden tree? Check how she evangelized her husband, our father! But then again, God had and still has His remnant!! Good to know that. Evolution? Just open satan’s box of strategies for planet earth and see some of His plans!

Ted Wilson: No Room for Evolution as Truth in Adventist Schools
I am all for accountability. If these teachers are not accountable for upholding our biblical teachings we may as well close up shop for anything goes! But that is not our practice. We are duty bound to promote and subscribe to our teachings. Those who do not do so or cannot do so must be relieved of their duties. [edit] We endanger our students when we teach falsehood in our science classes. The UK recognized the importance of accountability to its false science in schools and banned creation in government supported schools. Are the Gentiles wiser than the children of God? Elder Wilson must now put teeth to his words by calling all our institutions to accountability or the GC will have to see that they do…

Dr. Nick Matzke Explains the Evolution of Complexity
I find it quite amusing how we argue evolution with a straight face and are so hypothetical, philosophical, and imaginary. It’s not what could be or what should be. It’s actually what is! When we take the ‘what is’ and run it backwards to the earliest beginnings we find that there is no difference between what is and what was. The evolutionary concept of ‘evolving’ is very hard to come by. We do not see it. And what we see is in itself a complete whole and not an evolutionary misfit. For the religion of evolution to survive it has to exercises humongous faith and story telling but without any specimen and its generation before them. For creationists there is only one model and that is the Genesis account. And by the Genesis account I mean a literal acceptance of Genesis and all support passages through out the Scriptures. I do not refer to ‘other’ creation accounts that would neuter the Genesis narration. These are akin to the varied evolutionists’ accounts of origins. The ‘debate’ was like watching two individuals debate the origin of a motor car parked in front of them. Each had his imagination, philosophy, and supposition. Except if the car could talk it would say, first, you both were not there and so are badly off track. Secondly, it would say, I was made by someone with intelligence, humor, and skill. Of course for the evolutionist to say that would give the game away and their religion would become extinct! One day it will, believe it or not!

The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU
Let us not forget that God is in charge of this work and of his church. And yes, we do suffer for our negligence, procrastination and compromise. But God is still in charge. If the men at the helm of his church on earth are delinquent and refuse to rock the boat, then they will be removed in His good time. In the mean while we must be faithful and do all in our power to correct the situation in our sphere of control, regardless of the ‘feelings’ of the ‘peace, peace’ lovers in the church.