@Bill Sorensen: This is a prime example of the “NLP” …

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@Bill Sorensen: This is a prime example of the “NLP” garbage that our confeances are requiring our pastors to be preaching now !!  

Nanci, What’s NLP? No ‘Literal’ Propaganda? Nonsensical Liberal Philosophy? Non-biblical Liberal Platitudes?

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Honest thieves

The basis of McLarty’s sermon is this…..“Did you understand what God said? Are you sure?”This is the same question Satan asked Eve in the garden. If someone can create doubt as to the clarity of the bible and the word of God, it is only a step to abandonment of any solid understandable communication from God to man.And this is exactly what John wants to do.

Exactly Bill, The basis of most liberal “theology” is doubting what God “really” said. Check it out for yourselves.

I’ve been an SDA over 40 years, and the deterioration of many pastoral sermons out here in California at least, is shocking. Mainly psychological theories, current cultural ideas, the latest “guru’s” philosophy, etc.

I’m proud to say I belong to an SDA Church that still preaches God’s Truth every Sabbath–Sacramento Central. Not just Doug Batchelor either–all the pastoral staff.

Honest thieves

As a member of the SDA church since 1977, I have seen many disturbing things happen, and have heard some shocking things said by supposed members of the church.However, the fact that evolution, in any form, is being taught at a church-supported institution of higher learning pretty much “takes the cake!”If my opinion carried any weight, I would call for an immediate “house-cleaning” at LSU, beginnig with the [edit] President, Ron Wisby and including all instructors guilty of teaching anything which is contrary to the Word of God.All the signs are being fulfilled and Christ’s coming is ‘at the doors.’God help those who have been responsible for corrupting the minds of our youth.  

Karen, I agree with you completely, including the {edit}! Will Wisbey and his buddies be fired? I have my doubts. Why?

From Ricardo Graham, (AR, June 10, 2010 p8,9) “The biology course, which has come under attack…did not really have the results we desired…I think there will be some adjustments,..”

The Board and its Chairman have no backbone to actually change anything, as can be seen here. Just “adjust” until we shut up. If the first “adjustment” does not work, we’ll try another, then another, ad infinitum, until eons of time have passed, and nothing still has been done.

Which is why I believe Graham should be fired along with the Bio profs and Wisbey, along with any others who have been involved in this ridiculous charade!

Honest thieves

Greg, Don’t let Sean pull the wool over your eyes. He thinks the administration IS lying, but the profs are NOT! Even thought Shane admits ONLY Darwinian evolution was taught, without mention of any other ideas.

Please read Shane’s original letter to LSU from 2009. It speaks for itself. The professors taught evolution as fact, since no other ideas were permitted to be taught, even those presented from the bible! [edit]

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The reason the LaSierra situation has gone uncorrected so long is that most of our administrators have exactly the sort of political instincts that Dan Jackson has. They are politicians and consensus builders; they want to keep the peace and make the trains run on time. But the circumstances call for men of principle, hard men who are willing to stand for the right “though the heavens fall,” i.e., regardless who is offended and loudly complains.

Dave, I agree with you. Jackson’s trying to play on “both teams” is not going to go well for him.

Unfortunately, politics is the “SOP” of many of our SDA officials, Jackson being just one. “Political instincts” are the rule, instead of actually doing what is “right” according to what we know in God’s Word.

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Shane Hilde: Think big fish: LSU or the Seventh-day Adventist Church.Graham might not have followed procedure with these men, but I don’t know what the procedure is. I’ve read what the process is in the faculty handbook, but I don’t know if that applies to administrative positions which are at will employees. If it does apply to them, then it appears the process was not followed.

Trustees book says, in 6,9,F, that the Trustes may “discontinue” virtually anyone working at the university.

Does that mean to “fire” or to “force their resignation? Seems like it does.