The organization that writes the check is the one to …

Comment on Honest thieves by Evadeane Peters.

The organization that writes the check is the one to make the rules for employment. Employees who disagree are free to believe anything they choose. They also have the freedom to move on to an organization that reflects their personal opinions. The purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist Educational system is to propagate Seventh-day Adventists beliefs – to do anything less would negate our reason to exist.

Evadeane Peters

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Perspectives from alleged LSU students
There should not be any problem over what a teacher may or may not teach in an Adventist school. When you get a paycheck from Sears, you should not, indeed could not advertise for Wal-Mart. Adventist members pay the bills for Adventist Universities and the employees should follow the church’s guidelines in every detail. If a teacher finds his views do not follow the doctrines of the church, he/she has an obligation to resign. If this is not the guiding principal then there is no reason for the Adventist educational system to exist.