F. Weber, Thank you for your summary of the …

Comment on GC document holds LSU professors accountable by Ron Stone M.D..

F. Weber, Thank you for your summary of the situation at LSU. Guy and Geraty are two of the major problems at LSU, as you have stated. [edit]

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GC document holds LSU professors accountable

@Dr. Michael Cookenmaster:
This is not the complete statement I made.  

Geanna appears to have taken up the “womens lib” platform on this website and has pathetically tried to put words into your mouth to support her beliefs. She has failed, as we can all see!

GC document holds LSU professors accountable
So what did the LSU administration do after presenting this document to the faculty and administration? Toss it in the trash can?!

GC document holds LSU professors accountable
Yeh, the policy is “in place” everywhere EXCEPT here in the Pacific Union Conference. Out here, we got a right to “do our own thing” as the old saying goes. The world church needs to keep its outdated, old fashioned nose out of the “progressive” SDA Church’s business out here in California!

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My Goal for La Sierra University

The reason the LaSierra situation has gone uncorrected so long is that most of our administrators have exactly the sort of political instincts that Dan Jackson has. They are politicians and consensus builders; they want to keep the peace and make the trains run on time. But the circumstances call for men of principle, hard men who are willing to stand for the right “though the heavens fall,” i.e., regardless who is offended and loudly complains.

Dave, I agree with you. Jackson’s trying to play on “both teams” is not going to go well for him.

Unfortunately, politics is the “SOP” of many of our SDA officials, Jackson being just one. “Political instincts” are the rule, instead of actually doing what is “right” according to what we know in God’s Word.

Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney

Shane Hilde: Think big fish: LSU or the Seventh-day Adventist Church.Graham might not have followed procedure with these men, but I don’t know what the procedure is. I’ve read what the process is in the faculty handbook, but I don’t know if that applies to administrative positions which are at will employees. If it does apply to them, then it appears the process was not followed.

Trustees book says, in 6,9,F, that the Trustes may “discontinue” virtually anyone working at the university.

Does that mean to “fire” or to “force their resignation? Seems like it does.

My Goal for La Sierra University

GMF: If what has been reported about Jackson is correct it is very troubling. Also, one can only wonder why he was selected as the NAD President.I’ve seen a thing or two which made me wonder about Jackson but this report, if true, has to be the worst. May the Good Lord help us!

Jackson was selected to replace Don Schneider, who was also very “passive” in his approach to this problem.

Besides telling Wisbey to “love Jesus” Jackson did virtually nothing.

My Goal for La Sierra University
Sean, Great summary and analysis of the current situation. Another good review of this matter is in the Jan-March 2011 Elders Journal. It also goes into the 2004 evaluation and recommendations, as you have quoted.

Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney
How about a “class action” suit against anyone and everyone who has heard the tape or has heard OF the tape?