@Phil Mills: In response to the question of God’s honesty …

Comment on Former LSU student letter reveals professor’s agenda by Marilyn Bauer.

@Phil Mills:

In response to the question of God’s honesty in creating the world to look “old” when it was a new creation, I pose this thought. Did Adam look like a one-hour old infant upon creation? Were the plans of the Garden of Eden just sprouts and seedlings? Were the animals all cubs, pups and babes? No, from all I can tell, in God’s plan He created things in maturity. And if in fact there is a time gap between Genesis 1:1 and the seven day record of creation, that may account for some of the “old” ages found in scientific research.

Now I wonder how long will Educate Truth simply carry informative letters, responses and debates? Is it not time the leadership of Educate Truth look at ways to bring about change. I have followed the commentary and responses of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of readers and supporters. We (I) want something to happen. How do we make change occur? Simply supporting what each of us already believes and tweaking each others’ responses is not changing anything at LSU.

Shane Hilde, are you in a position to write an article for Adventist Review with THE FACTS about LSU? Can you obtain supporting statements from conference presidents, such as Michigan’s president Jay Gallimore, stating their refusal to promote student attendance at LSU? Can you make your article an “open letter” to all fundamental SDA members to write, phone, visit in person, their local president to urge them making this a matter for their local conference committee–to in turn make this a matter for the local union committee–with the hope and prayer it becomes a matter for the NAD committee! I know we are committee-d to death!! Perhaps there is a better avenue, but I believe there are thousands of church members who know nothing of this issue. Remember, our “church” is composed of members who belong to small, isolated churches. Most of our membership is in large churches, but most local churches are small–and isolated. Those of us from the midwest know what small and isolated means. There is no awareness among this group of members. Champions of truth are not few!! We are many, but the champions are not all aware of this issue. The Adventist Review reaches the families who are “fundamental” in their convictions.

Shane, I urge you to consider what the next BIG step should be for Educate Truth. I sincerely appreciate what you have done and are doing, but it is time to move on–to BRING ABOUT CHANGE!! I pray God will bless you with wisdom and open doors of opportunity for you and your leadership team to go beyond the present point.