I also hope the new General Conference President will have …

Comment on Former LSU student letter reveals professor’s agenda by Marc Scalzi.

I also hope the new General Conference President will have the courage to meet this crisis head-on and allow God to use him as a true reformer and not just one who talks about reformation and revival.

It is only men of action who will meet God’s approval in this decisive hour of earth’s history. If cancer is not dealt with early in it’s course, it spreads like wildfire until it is too late for a cure. Only God knows how far the cancer of evolution has spread in our colleges, and how many young people have been influenced to a point where the reality of truth can no longer have a solid impact on their lives.

Praying for our leaders who have the invested authority to do something at this time and show our church at large that they are indeed called of God for a time such as this.

In Christ,

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Adventist Review defends its article
I too appreciate the AR and it’s willingness to tackle this important and far reaching issue at LSU. I believe it is important to allow the larger church body to become aware of the issues related to creation and the origins of man that are being undermined at LSU. Decisions to send young people to that school hold eternal consequences, and parents have a right to be informed about what they face when sending their children to LSU

I pray that the day will come when the leadership will also have the courage to make the important step of letting this subversive institution go it’s own way and cut loose of the name “Seventh-Day Adventist institution.” While I realize the heart of Christ longs for His children to stay united in their work for him, there comes a time when the price of unity is too high and compromise becomes a dangerous way of spreading error.

The God of Elijah must still call His people to accountability with the question ” How long halt ye between two opinions?” If the God of evolution is the one that LSU wishes to follow, then let them go follow that God. Only cut them loose from the name SDA so they no longer can hide behind the church name and tarnish it’s reputation.

May God give us the strength to stand for the right though the heavens fall.
My prayers are with you.