I have been following this for some time off & …

Comment on Former LSU student letter reveals professor’s agenda by Mel.

I have been following this for some time off & on. The reason I am interested is that Walla Walla College has a Professor that is in charge of the engineering deptartment that has caused a family member to loose faith in the church for the same reason(evolution).To undermine our foundations in young minds is criminal.If these individuals were involved in child molesting they would be prosecuted & delt with imediatley.Because this is a higher education sacred cow our local leadership has turned their heads!This is criminal!To think we pay for our kids to go to these institutions & be spiritually destroyed how terribly wrong !
As I read about the Jesuit order some of these leaders certainly qualify
for the job.
Our new leadership is doing a better job,but I have a great concern when I see the pattern repeated all through out our conferances.This reminds me a of a parent with a spoiled child that won’t lift a finger to disciplne.Has our learship become so concerned about their retirements that they hold back any form of church discipline!
Is popularity become the Idol of our current state of mind that our leaders will put the favor of man over the Favor OF God? These kids blood will be upon these leaders who allow this on their watch! We are becomming vegaburger Christians….lets see how much we can please the world & not be the real thing! I hope the Lord will open eyes before it’s too late !