At this time……….I have disappointment in the fact of the …

Comment on Former LSU student letter reveals professor’s agenda by Deborah Risinger.

At this time……….I have disappointment in the fact of the “public discussion.”

Who? Who……is going to take responsibility for this mess….we can talk about it until the Second Coming.

The buck has to stop at someone’s feet…..where is the leadership from the GC?

This has become a “open court”…..WHO is this glorifing???? It is not Christ…..when do those, who have the power to intervene….intervene?

If they are….the “public” that has been drawn into this dispute, needs to know…

May God help us not hurt His reputation while this mess continues…

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AAA to examine LSU
If what you say is true…the guilt being added up is devasating…..

God will intervene on behalf of His young. They are standing for Him….He will stand for them.

Like the Covenant GOD made with Abram…..”And, I will bless those who bless you, And, the one who curses you, I will curse.”

Behold, the salvation of The Lord……this is the war in living color…..


LSU student petition surfaces
The devil attacks………..and GOD responds with His young……the trusting….God loving….God fearing kids! What a beautiful site to behold….

Praise Him, Praise Him

LSU graduate comments on LSU conflict
We were warned our problems would come from “inside the church” more so than from outside. We all know what to expect from the world….it needs our prayers.

However, it is hard to swallow when the “reality” of earlier warnings catch up to us IE…heresy as now at LA Sierra. The guilt these people are racking up…the weak minds they are corrupting….it is frightening.

I am so relieved we sent our kids to Southern….I would not put one dime of money into La Sierra….how sad it is to say that of an Adventist institution….

As one converted from being a catholic to SDA…it just verifies everything God has warned about.

God Keep Us Safe

Creationist students find little support from LSU
I will not be deterred by the demonic attack on God and His Truth….nor will I be deteerd by my own Conference pushing a change in church structure by a Baptist pastor in defiance of the SDA Church …..however…..our young people and inexperienced members are being preyed upon.

This is a betrayal to God and all He is… is a betrayal of the trust His has placed in the powers at be.

I pray people will think long and hard before sending their precious children into the “fire.”

I am grateful for this site that all of us out here know what to pray for…..

These students are worth the blood of Christ…..they should be protected from this apostasy…………however, God will use this to His advantage.

Prayerfully, the families will use this as a teaching tool for their children….that it will help them to never be thrown off their guard as to the movements of a demonic enemy out to destroy their view of their precious Savior.

Those allowing this are either traitors to Christ, or they are not smart enough to have the positions they have.

This is a confrontation between Christ and Satan.

God Keep Our Children Safe,

LSU responds to Adventist Review article
The devil’s moto is, “if you can’t win them, confuse them.”

I am not an educator, I have no letters behind my name. I am the (type) student being taught…..hopefully to be anchored “in Christ.”

LSU has failed in their duty to teach the black and white issue of creation. Should they continue to rebel against Christ, they should succeed from carring the name Seventh-Day Adventist. They should no longer receive God’s money to teach “that” which is not in harmony with Scripture.

I will take it further, should “those” in power, not do their duty to Christ, they too should go.

The devil has declared war, and unfortunately, some of God’s own “professed people” have chosen to fight for the rights of the demonic.

With Regret,
Deborah Risinger