@Alexander Carpenter: I would readily agree since Educate Truth supports …

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@Alexander Carpenter: I would readily agree since Educate Truth supports the biblical account of creation and disagrees with the handling of the topic in the biology department. This was a political move by Wisbey to gain power on the board. He now has three less who oppose him.

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Former board member never talked with biology faculty
@David Read: Board members and even former board members are not allowed to discuss what has happened in board meetings. The only thing I confirmed with Tooma was whether she had conversed with the biology faculty and she made it very clear she never had. She was only presented with the joint statement and wanted to support it. This statement was seen as a big step for the biology department because Wisbey had been keeping them silent for over two years and they were now making constructive advances to dialogue with the church. I disagree with what they said, but I think it’s great their talking now. I suspect Wisbey isn’t happy with the biology department. It wouldn’t make any sense for him to only be upset with the board members since he allegedly embraces what they are doing. Doubtful though given his reaction and double standard.

Former board member never talked with biology faculty
@Holly Pham: These individuals were using real names, but were most likely not their own names. I personally don’t mind people posting comments anonymously, but I do mind if they’re being malicious about it.

These individuals like to take off the wall comments made by over zealous supporters and exaggerate them all the more, trying to control the general tone of the comments. It’s tactic people who are in the wrong use. If you can’t win the argument, try to make them look bad.

Former board member never talked with biology faculty
Is it just me or is there a rise in commenters posing as proponents, yet actually being opponents. Initially they sound supportive but then they say something that seems to exaggerate the point a little too much, with dashes of sarcasm.

Be aware there are least a couple commenters here who are posing as supporters, but are obviously opponents of what this website is doing.

The comments from these individuals have been deleted.

When commenters get overzealous about heads rolling, leadership being spineless, etc. be suspicious. This is not the first time we’ve had opponents come to the website posing as hyperactive supporters.

Educate Truth has nothing to do with these two and their comments represent only their lies.

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Ron&#32Stone&#32M&#46D&#46: then he “accidentally” recorded the private meeting, right?

That’s exactly right. He must have not bothered to play it back. I think the meeting was a couple hours according to the LSU news release. But basically he didn’t know he had recorded him and the others and then posted it without checking his recording.

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Eddie: Doesn’t LSU’s administration deserve at least a little bit of credit?

I think so. There are some very dedicated individuals on the board.I have no doubt they’re doing everything they can to address this issue.

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@Ron Stone M.D.: I agree. LSU has not been a shining light for our church. That’s unfortunate. That might be the case for other schools as well.

NAD President, Education Director Dialog with La Sierra Campus Community
This is the first time, that I know of, that an LSU person has leaked something. At this point I can only assume this person or persons thought it would potentially beneficial to LSU’s to leak these recordings.

If anything has changed at LSU, it’s the biology department ducking for cover and waiting for things to blow over, as Bradley so nicely put it. I’d be surprised if the way the curriculum is being taught has changed.

If LSU faculty see some wiggle room out of this, they’ll take it. You don’t have a track record of hiding what has been taught and then all of a sudden have an ah-ha moment and completely change status quo. The only reason we’re seeing anything happening at LSU is because what they have been doing has seen the light of day.

NAD President, Education Director Dialog with La Sierra Campus Community
Yes it is being addressed. For that all those who have been concerned can be thankful. It’s just unfortunate it had to get to this point.