I’ve reviewed the list of La Sierra Board members. It …

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I’ve reviewed the list of La Sierra Board members. It looks like all of the non-conference members would likely have “six figures.” Is this really how the La Sierra Board is selected?

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Former board member never talked with biology faculty

Shane Hilde: Is it just me or is there a rise in commenters posing as proponents, yet actually being opponents. Initially they sound supportive but then they say something that seems to exaggerate the point a little too much, with dashes of sarcasm.Be aware there are least a couple commenters here who are posing as supporters, but are obviously opponents of what this website is doing.The comments from these individuals have been deleted.When commenters get overzealous about heads rolling, leadership being spineless, etc. be suspicious. This is not the first time we’ve had opponents come to the website posing as hyperactive supporters.Educate Truth has nothing to do with these two and their comments represent only their lies.

You are correct Shane. One of the major concepts of progressives is “critical mass.” This means the gathering together of a usually relatively small number of people who are highly passionate about their progressive beliefs, to change, counter, upset, or even destroy some institution or cultural idea.

You see this going on on Wall Street and other major cities right now. A few dozen, hundred, or even thousand people “taking over” somewhere to upset some part of society they don’t like.

This evidently began in San Francisco (where else!) with bicyclist gathering in groups to slow down, halt, or even stop traffic. The name, Critical Mass, is still associated with this initial movement, although it has branched out into other areas of life and other issues. (Initial was environmental)

The problem for this idea is that the “critical mass” is usually a relatively tiny bunch of rowdies who soon lose favor with the “99%” if people they claim to represent, simply because they start making fools of themselves, as you can see happening now on TV and other media.

Their goal, however, is to attract other, more respectable groups, such as labor unions, etc. to join them. And, this does happen to some extent, but usually not major, as we have seen

The “99.99%” begin to see they don’t want a bunch of drunks, druggies, campers, and urine and fecal pools and piles in their neighborhood! The movements then tend to lose momentum.

Will the concept of “critical mass” succeed at ET? I doubt it!

Former board member never talked with biology faculty

Thomas: Holly,Independence from Loma Linda isn’t that much of a factor. The prior dean (he stepped down in 02 or 03 and still works at the medical center as a physician) of the medical school is also a huge proponent of evolutionism with at least a couple books on the topic to his credit.

You may be correct, but it is a fact that since La Sierra has been “independent” it has elected three of the most secular, humanistic non-biblical men in our denonomination, Fritz Guy, Lawrence Geraty, and Randall Wisbey to lead the university. Do you think that is simply a coincidence?

Could nobody better be found than these three embarrassing men?

Former board member never talked with biology faculty

Dave: @Holly Pham: Holly,I graduated in 1987, and again in 1989… I had friends who were pre-med, but never heard about the issues going in the Biology dept. Maybe because I took an entirely different discipline, but I never remember issues regarding origins of the world etc. ever coming up.

The problems with La Sierra have emerged over the past two decades with its independence from Loma Linda and the choosing of three of the most secular leaders possible–Fritz Guy, Lawrence Geraty, and Randall Wisbey.

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