Narrow is the gate and few there be who find …

Comment on Mrs. White: “Don’t send your children to…” by Tricia.

Narrow is the gate and few there be who find it..wide is the road to perdition. Sister White was correct, and we look so much like the world that God is going to spew us out of His mouth. We need to chose whose side we are going to be on the world and its views or God and God alone.

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Clifford Goldstein: Seventh-day Darwinians, Redux
The Bible and Spirit of prophecy are all we need to know the truth. We know in the last days that the devil is working to destroy God’s people. We must stand on the walls and fill the breach in the walls. True Seventh Day Adventist do not believe in evolution. It is not in Gods word, stand on wall and fill in the gaps. Jesus is coming again and He will take home His people who live by every word that procceds out of the mouth of God. Higher education is what has caused all of this to beign with, thinking we know more than the Creator.