If we begin to cut back on or shut down …

Comment on Mrs. White: “Don’t send your children to…” by Jon Hilde.

If we begin to cut back on or shut down our science programs and our universities or begin tellling Adventist students to go to school at other colleges, how does that help us proclaim our message more loudly?  

Geanna, are you suggesting that the theory of evolution IS science? LOL That’s funny.

The science classes that just deal with science, without all the bogus evolutionary story telling, are the best science classes for those wanting to be truly scientists only. Any of the other Adventist Universities, and they all have Bachelors and Masters degrees in some form of advanced science, would be better for anyone receiving an education in the field of science than at La Sierra University.

What happens before your very eyes under the microscope is true science. Assumptions and theories are talked about and surmised, but true science is not based off of assumptions or theories, because that would be unscientific. To date, science has not fundamentally supported the theory of evolution. In fact science has had to be stopped, ignored, or falsely lied about to allow for the theory of evolution to exist. This has happened many many times. So to be a true scientist you need to get rid of the theory of evolution. Evolution is counterproductive to science. Which is why, from a professional scientific standpoint, La Sierra is the worst University to attend to understand uninhibited science. Do you want to be a scientist or an evolutionist? They are not the same.

Wait, did you mean to say Political Science instead of science?

Very timely and relevant comments from the ATS blog. I especially appreciate the references to the struggle of Mrs. White against similar problems at Battle Creek College during her day and her public recommendations for action in such situations…

Yes indeed, and this precedence made by Ellen White not only provides support for action by the SDA church but following in the footsteps of this precedence in today’s political evangelical world climate would have an even greater impact for good I believe for some of the reasons that I touched on in my earlier comment above. I believe NBC News did a survey poll of Americans about 5 years ago and over 70% of Americans believed in God. I think today that number would be even higher. I wouldn’t hesitate to share the url of this website with other Christians in the southwestern United States region… Just a thought.

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Mrs. White: “Don’t send your children to…”

As Protestant sunday keeping denominations and churches in the U.S. clamor for their purpose and an understanding of the Bible and the times in which we live, they are reaching out to each other for a stronger more cohesive understanding of where we came from and where we are going in the very near future. The Baptists know there isn’t a heaven just for the Baptists, the non-denominationals know there isn’t a heaven just for the non-denominationals, the Presbyterians know there isn’t a heaven just for the Presbyterians. We all know there’s only 1 of 2 places in which we are all headed.

If indeed the Seventh-day Adventists have a special message for the world, now is the time for the United States to hear about it, rather than keeping its stands hush hush.

As the youngest member of the Bible-based Protestant churches, the brothers and sisters of the Seventh-day Adventist church need to hear your voice and leadership on these issues of origins and faith in the Bible loud and clear. This is about every single person on the planet, not just a few. Whether the stand for the Bible and Creation come from only a few regions of the country and/or the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist church, it is indeed a stand for God and truth and is undoubtedly a practice run at the very minimum for things to come. For the saved will be called in their heart of hearts to stand together for God and proclaim as loud as they can from the highest mountain top so that as many as possible will know and be saved.

The General Conference needs to make a stand on this and not just for the sake of its own body.

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La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics
I’ll also need an explanation from the pastor as to how the athiest can maintain his/her membership and baptismal vows of being baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit when he/she doesn’t believe in them.

Can you imagine calling yourself a Christian and not believing in the existence of Christ? What would you talk about with the other Christians? How could you sit through all those sermons about Jesus and His miracles week after week? And to quote lead pastor Mike Howerton of the Overlake Christian Church whose non-denominational attendance is running roughly 7,000, who just a few weeks ago in discussing their series on End Time Events with him on the side walk he said, “and what would be the purpose and existence of Christians if we didn’t believe in the Second coming of Christ”. “Preach it brother, preach it!” I told him.

La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics
Richard, find 1 athiest who attends church regularly on a Saturday or Sunday and bring him to this website. Provide his/her church name/denomination and phone number and name of pastor for me to call and verify his regular attendance and the amount of tithe he/she has given in the last year and why he supports a church but doesn’t believe in a creator God.

I sit with many various church denominations. LSU has no friends in any church community.

Will churches also be preaching that Jesus’ death was a result of not being the fittest in the survival of his species? How did he miraculously put himself back together in less than a day? That’s a pretty strange church my friend.

La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics
Lying about whether they are promoting or merely including the theory of evolution is nothing short of a sneeze for LSU. Both the basis for their studies in science are under attack as well as a general dislike for LSU’s continuing disrespect for the SDA church’s beliefs and all Christian’s beliefs.

I have only occasionally followed the news releases out of LSU, but it doesn’t take much to know what’s going on.

LSU has disciplined, put on probation, LSU students for promoting creation on campus.

LSU has asked alumni and local SDA members to not come and pray with LSU students.

LSU has asked that their classroom material not be shown to the public or to the SDA Church members.

LSU classroom footage has been shown that they continue to spit on creation in favor of evolutionary models.

LSU continues to attack its alumni for believing in Creation.

LSU continues to isolate itself from its church and the Christian community.

LSU upholds evolution above its boss, above its financial supporters, above its community, above its church, above all Christians and above God, and do so openly.

La Sierra University has misplaced priorities and an heir of self righteousness in its treatment of the SDA church people and beliefs. If the professors who are promoting evolution and telling reporters that they think the Adventist Church and its belief in Creationism is bunk, and they continue to do so without apology, then they need to be fired without any further ado.

As long as no changes are made at La Sierra University, the respect for education there will continue to drop, the respect for the Adventist church to uphold its own values will continue to drop, and most who are merely watching on the sidelines will simply disassociate themselves from the University and eventually, if nothing is done, the church. Why attend a church if it doesn’t believe in God and cannot stand up for its own doctrines before the public?

The theory of evolution, as most Christians in the world believe, is just a theory.

The theory of evolution, as most scientists in the world believe, is just a theory.

Scientists know that the theory of evolution has made no irrefutable scientific contribution toward the field of science and the teaching of evolution in scientific classrooms is irrelevant to the work of professional scientists. The SDA Church has over a 100 Universities all giving out Bachelors and Masters degrees in some form of science. But only 1 of these Universities insists on promoting evolution above everything else while promoting the discrediting of creationism… why? Where do these “professors” come from and what papal society do they belong to?

If modern day scientists say that evolution is a theory…. why is it being taught as truth?

…as many wait for hard evidence that supports an old-earth, all that the scientific community has found is more evidence of God. …new and old stars sharing gravitational fields that should be billions of lights years apart because of the big bang but are only a few light years apart instead, dripping dinosaur blood coming from “250 billion year old dinosaur bones” (who consequently the scientists who merely discovered this, she didn’t even promote it, she was let go), giant fossilized bones of humans rather than small hunched over ape like cave man, the discoveries of human foot prints with dinosaur foot prints, complex cells that scientists say require the existence of an intelligent designer, the list goes on and on.

All that is occurring in the scientific world is a categorizing of discoveries into time periods that are made up. There is no irrefutable evidence to support any part of evolution. The scientists keep finding evidence that support the Bible and creation, while the evolutionists keep trying to cover it up.

…A scientist working the Hubble telescope takes a picture in space and asks, “How are these 7 galaxies perfectly in a line with the same exact spacing between them all, and they’re all the same size?” It does not support the theory of the big bang and evolution that everything exploded from 1 tiny molecule in space. But they are finding newer stars beyond the ones that are older, the stars on the outside should be older than the stars that are on the inside, based on the laws of Hubble, also known as evolution and the big bang. All that they are finding doesn’t add up.

Why are all these animals buried with their bones and body parts still in tact? Sometimes with grass still in its mouth? If these layers took millions of years to form, than all the animals and plant life found in them should be utterly decayed to dust, but they’re not and sometimes these animals and plants are in more than just they’re own layer. Always its “localized flood”, “quick natural disaster”. Scientists are finding “local floods” all over the planet! Also no transitional species have been found as the evolutionists keep hoping for. There is no transitional species between human and the ape, for example, all that is found is all the same animals that exist today.

While scientists (who actually do the work in among life, nature and the world around us) keep finding evidence of God, the professors who involve themselves with nothing more than books containing 200 year old darwinian theories continue to preach the same recycled unproven theories based on the faith and hope that evidence will someday surface to prove them right. So far it hasn’t happened, and so Evolution remains to be a religion taught on faith and assumptions in the classroom.

Why is time being spent at the La Sierra University in teaching evolutionary theories when evolution is nothing more than a humorous side dish to the actual work of science in the field, provides no real added benefit to the field of science, and is counter intuitive to the Christian walk? And why is it taught as the true philosophy with no room for creation? Especially since science provides more evidence for creation than it does for evolution? The theory of evolution is both counterproductive to the field of science and to Christianity.

Evolution is not based on science, it’s based on motive. Darwin’s theories were manufactured at the time he wrote his book for the intent to keep the various races of man separate from each other and keep slavery alive throughout the world. The full title of his book is, “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection: The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life”. Now the use of his theories have been recycled for other motives, and yet none of it to this day has been proven by science, including the support of an old-earth.

Yes, LSU has refused to take this 200 year old garbage out and the stink is filling up everywhere you go. How much longer are we going to have to deal with the smell of it LSU?

LSU responds to Michigan Conference
A 100 million rights do not correct any wrong.

If you can do so many things as wonderfully as you do, it should be no problem in correcting the 1 thing that separates you from the rest of the Adventist Universities.

LSU, to do what your boss asks you to do would be a wonderful first step and a great example to your staff and students as they prepare themselves to listen to their future bosses. Perhaps you should start there.

We all live and work together in this world by the weekly cycle. No boss on the planet is going to buy into any exception to the rule.

Michigan Conference takes substantial action in LSU conflict
Kathy, my heart aches as well. Every time we allow Satan’s tricks, as Collins puts it, to infiltrate our lives, it creates burdens we were never meant to carry as well as division, heart ache and suffering. As Christians we should encourage as many as possible to live abundant lives and steer clear of the pitfalls, lies and deceptions, such as this.

In Rev 21:4, a passage that follows the complete destruction of the wicked, it says “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying; and there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

It is inspiring to me to see so many in our country who are standing up for God. It’s awesome!