If we begin to cut back on or shut down …

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If we begin to cut back on or shut down our science programs and our universities or begin tellling Adventist students to go to school at other colleges, how does that help us proclaim our message more loudly?

Valid Question. I believe the answer is simple. Obeying what we believe to be God’s word is what we are asked to do. God will grant supernatural power to proclaim the message loudly. We actually stand in the way when our message is mixed and we permit it to go on without taking care of the problem. I always remember that it is the Holy Spirit that will accomplish this work of proclamation. Our job is to obey. And thank God we have the guidance of the Spirit of Prophecy that has gone before us and has already addressed similar situations and by so doing has laid down a shining example for us to follow. We are not left without a sure Word of Prophecy to guide us. We are not to worry, we are to follow.

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Record enrollment for LSU
yes and Amen to Susie. She hit the nail on the head. That is the bottom line of this issue. No one in this debate would expect to be long employed if they chose to adopt principles and practices that were questionable or oppositional to their employer’s values and core beliefs. There would be no question if they were put on advice, counseling, warning and then termination. It is the way it works. And the entire world seems to understand this. It seems to become strangely blurred when it comes to employment in this religious institution. Suddenly “there is room enough for everyone to have their own position and beliefs and even more amazing that this argument is presented in favor of those receiving the paycheck. Absolutely amazing, I say. No one is forcing anyone to remain employed, yet year after year a paycheck is drawn. No outside organization tolerates the “there is room enough here for all of us” position, and then continues to pay the person who has such an attitude. It is just absolutely incredible.

GC Votes to Revise SDA Fundamental #6 on Creation
@ Shane:
Thank you for controlling the distractions presented through the gluttony issue and the questioning of the authority of Ellen G. White. Thank you for keeping the dialogue on track. Thank you for being gracious and controlled yet to the point.


“Don’t go backwards to interpret Genesis as allegorical or symbolic”
I was very encouraged with the message from the President today. I keep him in prayer and I am also praying that the leadership that he provides through the power of the Holy Spirit will encourage other leaders and individuals to examine the heart, study, and have the courage to also follow what the Bible is teaching.

LSU responds to Michigan Conference
This is above all a spiritual matter and cannot be fought on the strength of human argument or reasoning. We know through prophecy that our church will face critical times of great falling away of some of our sharpest and most able individuals. This seems to me to be a clarion call to be sober, be vigilant of our own individual and corporate spiritual conditions. We need to humble ourselves and pray.

Even as I write this and share this, I am sobered to think that again we are facing interesting times in our church. From its inset we have had periods of severe controversy and sharp divisions. But through it all God has always brought the church to more solid ground. These events should turn each of us as individuals to search our own hearts, to open our own bibles, to surrender our own wills and pray to find ourselves filled and guided by his Holy Spirit and Empty of ourselves. Because this is the only condition that will help us stand through the tests and trials that we will all face, both individually and as a church.

I support the humble, prayerful, and urgently necessary stand that has been taken by the Michigan Conference. It is like a spring of water in the dry desert. It took courage and how much we need the integrity of our leaders to stand behind what the church believes and who will take action. I would like to hear from the conferences in the Pacific Union as well.

I pray for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction for His truth in our times that will stand above any debate or opinion, that can be offered.