When in a losing argument always try to attack the …

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When in a losing argument always try to attack the person!!!

I can’t imagine an educational environment without the discipline of critical thinking.If a six day creation week is “truth”, why are people afraid of exposing youth to all the different concepts?If it’s true it will bear up when compared with other points of view.If we apply the freedom of choice model here, which seems to be particularly important in making a decision about accepting God, why wouldn’t that apply to believing church dogma?If you are only fed church dogma what kind of choice is that?There is no freedom of choice in that, it sounds like a dictatorship.Present all points of view and and give people the freedom of choice, and certainly the “truth” shall prevail.Pastor Paulson, referring to someone’s opinion as an “absurdity” certainly was not very pastorly.Can you imagine Jesus speaking to someone that way.Defensiveness usually reflects insecurity.It was very disappointing to read unChristlike words from a pastor.Diplomacy is usually the preferred technique used in a dialogue.Is there a difference between fact and truth?  

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In my responsability as a conference president a few years ago, I faced a challeng that gave me great pains to confront. A pastor in my conference confronted me with the statement, ” I am now a follower of the teachings of D. Ford. What are you going to do about it?” My answer was that he needed to be an honest person and I wanted him to prove it to me. If he was an honest person he could not continue to receive his pay from the church that he did not wish to support with his preaching and teaching. If he wished to try to continue on as a pastor in the conference and hold to these different beleifs, then I must consider him as a dishonest person and we did not wish to employ any dishonest individuals here in our conference. I told him to go home and think and pray about it and call me in the next week. This he did and made the decision to be honest and represent the church in a right manner. It seems to me that the faculty and administration need to get down on thier knees and find out what a just and honest God wishes them to do about this matter. This is God’s Church and we need to find out what He thinks, not some PHD. or other person. May God have His way in this matter.

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@Ervin Taylor:
It seems to me as a long time worker in the church in evangelism and administration that the answer is very simple. If LSU wishes to continue to be a Church sponsered University they need to abide by the idea of why we have a school system, to educate workers for the lord here and around the world to gather together a people ready to meet the coming of our Lord. God help us if we stray from this fudimental purpose.