Weeding out those who have promoted this falsehood doctrine and …

Comment on La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics by Frank.

Weeding out those who have promoted this falsehood doctrine and protected/aided/defended them will be very difficult.

Why? Because of the federal funding many SDA learning institutions receive. Therefore firing them may well have to be due to other reasons than those which have caused this furor. And if they are “on their games,” respectively, it may be years before they leave or (gasp) retire.

After all when one accepts federal funding, one has to abide by the rules that come with such monies. Attendance at worship services may no longer be able to be enforced, certain open life styles may no longer be reasons for termination of students or faculty, certain publicly known and voiced/printed personal beliefs that are not in line with SDA doctrines may not be used as cause for firings. Standards are lowered to reflect those of public universities because of federal guidelines that now come into effect and supercede usual institutional standards.

Imagine how complex this really is and not how simple it may seem to appear on the surface. These professors are not just paid with church monies but with federal government monies too. Fire the professors for these reasons and the ensuing lawsuits for wrongful termination would be financially painful and a public relations embarrassment that would last for years. After all aren’t they entitled to “equal opportunity employment” in an federally funded university?

Perhaps this is why LSU has been “working on the matter” in their own way. Truth is there is likely precious little they or anyone can do now except wait this group out. Think of the negative spiritual fallout for these government dollars. Not such a “bargain” anymore is it?

Fire them and return ALL the money accepted for the “x” number of years having received it OR shut up and suffer in silence. These are the options as I see it.

Where did the institutions go wrong? Hmmm, could spiritual advice have been correct about from whom the institutions should or should not accept money??? Once again the adage of the “golden rule” is recalled, “He who has the gold makes the rules.” How sad the situation.

This is the only result one can expect when compromise for institutional monetary income occurs.

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La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics
I should clarify that I used the word “teaching” which was meant as “promoting.” It is one thing to be informed about a matter and yet another to promote it.


La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics
This idea of hiring two sets of professors to present competing philosophies of the origins of life can be compared to the following example. (Aside from the FRIVOLOUS waste of precious funds which would be a whole other set of issues).

You bring into your home two opposing teachers on the use of tobacco to educate YOUR young children on the matter. Each teacher is allowed to use their greatest persuasive powers, money and glitz being no object, to make their respective convincing arguments. You do this because you want to provide them as an OBJECTIVE a choice as possible. Is this sound parenting?

What would be the outcome of this contest? How would your parenting be rated having knowingly exposing your impressionable children to such needless danger/death? What does this say about YOUR own character? Does this have the appearance of compromise with a known deadly danger?

Why then did the US govt BAN such advertising in many media formats? Was is it because the counter argument against tobacco and associated health dangers was more attractive and compelling to the youth?

Does the argument for teaching opposing opinions STILL sound logical and safe? Even Satan and his followers were weeded out of heaven after his declaration of open rebellion and war. That poison could no longer be allowed to stay and cause the destruction of all present. Therefore it was routed by force and eternally ejected. How much more so should ALL those who have taught this falsehood, those who have protected and defended them, from instructors to board of director members to even the President and faculty of LSU. Let the chips fall where they may. There is no other option. They have dug in their heels and refused to do that which is right despite many pleadings. Their decisions have been made. Now is the time for our decision to made.

We will forgive and even miss you, however, you need to exit your positions. Intransigence to correction makes you unsafe to remain in these entrusted places where your immense influence on impressionable SDA youth is vast. Sadly, it is highly likely these persons will need to be forcibly ejected also. I say this in the spirit of love, better to amputate a incurable body part than let the whole person die.

Respectfully submitted,