Another great “spin job” by Graham is when he tries …

Comment on La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics by Norman Severance.

Another great “spin job” by Graham is when he tries to explain why nothing is being done. Why? He blames Ellen White! Yeh, it’s her fault he and the Board have done nothing and are continuing to do nothing. Committees and Boards have the authority to make decisions, instead of “kingly, ruling powers!” Well, please explain, President Graham, why you and the Board have not done your job! Don’t blame Mrs. White!  (Quote)

Ron, please be careful with accusations such as this. It doesn’t help our cause. Ricardo Graham doesn’t “blame Mrs. White”–he is simply crediting her as a major influence in the organizational structure of our church, and that is one reason why it is taking so long to deal with the matter.

For the record, I am a biblical creationist, and I completely agree that what is apparently happening in La Sierra’s biology classrooms is wrong and needs to be corrected as soon as possible to be in complete and open harmony with the church’s Fundamental belief #6, and with no “spin” attached. But let’s keep our comments truthful and charitable, with no “spin” attached, either.