In reading many of the comments and “points”, I have …

Comment on La Sierra University Continues Deceptive Spin Tactics by Richard.

In reading many of the comments and “points”, I have to say wow!

What about the other schools who have these same issues with faculty? I have heard that Andrews also have some of these teachings. Years ago I read that a number of the learned faculty in our SDA schools did not believe in a literal creation week.

I have read the responses of some from LSU on this subject, including the current president, and was surprised that there was no outright denial of the accusations. The problem seemed to be blamed on a student who wanted to cause trouble.

It is not necessary that we teach evolution as a means to educate our students to face the world. In living in our society, it is all around for them to learn. Teachers should be discharged if they continue to espouse these views. If retained, they should be monitored (there goes academic freedom). There was a big bangup on this when a well publicized teacher was let go in a large public university a year or two ago. How much more should this be done at a religious school?

As for me, I will believe that evolution from a single cell to myself today is impossible. Also, that nothing is impossible for God. Our world’s scientists do not believe this and continually try to prove their theories. That is the reason for their existence, as intimated by a public university PhD’s last comment in a televised debate I watched several years ago between he and a creationist.