The use of the term “witch hunt” is a misnomer …

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The use of the term “witch hunt” is a misnomer for what is happening here. What people want here is accountability. We pay for one thing and get another. That is dishonest. Those at LSU who sign a faculty contract agreeing to work for the SDA denomination and then work to undermine it, both professionally and personally, should either change and be ethical to their employer, or leave. This white wash system of a facade that looks ok on the outside, and is rotten on the inside, needs to go. It’s time! We have work to do.

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Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney
Lenny was the one who recorded his friends without their permission, and then he made it public without their permission.

Maybe it is George W. Bush’s fault.

Bradley, Beach and Kaatz retain attorney

Faith: I don’t see how there could be many privacy issues as the person responsible for posting this recording in the first place is the man who recorded it.By doing so, he made it public himself.Who else can he blame?

Great point Faith! So if Drs. Bradley, Kaatz, and Beach want to sue someone, they should sue Lenny, their ex-best buddy.

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Ron, we are still waiting for that EGW quote that says that we are going to change our Fendamental Beliefs. Have you found it yet?

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Thanks Phil! We do need to draw together right now, but not under the banner of error. It is time for the nonsense to stop. None of us are the judges, so we cannot kick anyone out of the church, but we can discern truth from error and LOUDLY AND UNAPOLOGETICLY proclaim truth. I am pretty sure the shaking part will take care of itself. It is our job to study and share the truth with others, dedicate our lives to Jesus, and serve. I believe that conditions will cause the rest to happen automatically. Those who are “culturally” or only half dedicated to the truth of Adventism will run like marathon runners when it is politically incorrect to be an SDA.

La Sierra University Resignation Saga: Stranger-than-Fiction
Faith, great post, thanks. Let’s not forget that at the time of Jesus’ first advent, there were faithful church members who were studying and waiting for the messiah (Simeon and Anna). And let us also not forget the parable of the 10 virgins where half of the virgins were prepared with oil, but asleep (connected but distracted). They entered into the wedding feast because they had made the necessary prior preparation and could enter the feast when the bridegroom came.

Let’s not suggest that there are not prepared people. God always has a remnant (even if liberals/progressives hate the idea). The vast unprepared multitude (those on the wide road to hell) cannot eclipse the bright shining few (on the narrow upward road). God’s church will win, just as the Bible predicts. I’ve read the end of the Book!

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Adventist Kid, the only people lacking integrity of recent (and glaringly so), is Bradley, Beach, Kaatz, and Darnell. Shane has nothing to gain from this whole matter. He doesn’t work for the church. He has nothing to gain from this, except a headache that Motrin won’t fix. He (and many others) is (are) just tired of you liberals and progressives trashing our church and its beliefs and trying to drag everyone else down with you. ENOUGH! It is time to bring the SDA church back to faithfulness. It is time to finish the work Jesus gave us.

La Sierra University Resignation Saga: Stranger-than-Fiction
Former Student, you are right that we should guard our words. The Bible requires it and we are accountable for them. That should not be construed as your post seems to infer that we should not stand up against error. We MUST stand up against the evil that is creeping into our church. It could be deadly to our children. We are responsible to lead our children to salvation. Our church set up our educational system to help train our children in the ways of the Bible, and to serve humanity. Unfortunately evil and error has crept into our colleges and universities. As parents, we MUST clean up our educational institutions to protect our children. That might take some truthful, firm, and persuasive language. But it will be honorable and Biblical.

We must not fall into the trap that says to follow the Bible means that we have to be silent and weak!