From my reading of the reports and “letter”, it appears …

Comment on La Sierra University won’t neglect creation teaching, president, chairman vow by Richard Myers.

From my reading of the reports and “letter”, it appears that there will be an outward change in the teaching of biology at La Sierra. Everyone is reporting that there will be some attention paid to presenting the Biblical account of creation. Since this is a “religious” school, that is good.

Everyone who is reporting seem content with this new requirement and acceptance by the school. Why is everyone content when it is obvious that at least one of the instructors and others do not believe the Biblical account and will continue to present evolution as truth. At least I have not seen anything in the “letter” or reports that would indicate a change in this abominable teaching. It is not good enough to just present creation and leave the lie being taught to our young people. If one wants to see the result of such a teaching, look at some of the leaders, professors, and the past president of La Sierra. The age of the earth and other contradictions to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy are absolutely believed by many involved with this school. Take a close look at the student survey and there we also see the results of such teaching. Many La Sierra students are quite happy with the existing teaching that was in opposition to creation.

Unless there are restrictions placed on the teaching of evolution as truth, none ought to be happy about the present arrangement at La Sierra. Why would the church leave the teaching of evolution untouched in these reports and agreements? The problem extends beyond the one professor who we know is dead set on presenting this lie to our young people. And the world knows just as much as we do about the attitude at La Sierra. Other denominations who accept Bible truth in regards to creation are watching our response to this abomination at La Sierra. They have eyes to see, just as I do. Unless something more is done, we are following in the path of many other universities such as Harvard and Yale that began as Christian institutions and are now disengaged from their churches. In these two schools none are allowed to lecture on creation. It would be just as much an abomination to them as is the teaching of evolution is an abomination to us.

May the Board of Trustees at La Sierra which includes many ordained conference presidents provide the leadership that God requires of them. This is a line drawn in the sand. There is no middle ground on this matter. Change is needed at La Sierra. Say “no” to the teaching of evolution and that the earth was created in more than six literal days. Don’t allow the seed of unbelief to be planted in the minds of our young people.

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Strumming the Attached Strings
@Phillip Brantley:

From all that I have witnessed, many difficulties in society stem from the immoral work of lawyers. That of course does not apply to all lawyers. May I never end up thinking like one.

Here is the Supreme Court’s statement that we are concerned with.

“As explained below, in resolving a state constitutional issue we conclude that the pertinent inquiry should center on the substance of the education provided by these three school, not on their religious character. Therefore, whether the schools are pervasively sectarian (as the parties have assumed) is not a controlling factor in determining the validity of the bond funding program under our state constitution. Rather, the program’s validity turns on two questions: 1) Does each of the recipient schools offer a broad curriculum and secular subjects? 2) Do the school’s secular classes consist of information and coursework that is neutral with respect to religion? This test insures that the state’s interest in promoting the intellectual improvement of its residents is advanced through the teaching of secular information and coursework, and that the expression of a religious viewpoint in otherwise secular classes will provide a benefit to religion that is merely incidental to the bond programs primary purpose of promoting secular education.”

A child may understand the test. “Do the school’s secular classes consist of information and coursework that is neutral with respect to religion?” It is not a difficult matter to understand what the State wants. The issue is not what the state wants, but what God wants. And here is where La Sierra has erred. She does not care what God wants. She cares what the state wants. God wants all of the classes taught in our schools to be centered in Scripture. God does not want religion to be “incidental” to the subject. That includes biology. It is rebellion against God to teach evolution as fact in any class in our schools. [] The state says the classes must be “neutral with respect to religion.” God says just the opposite. La Sierra sides with the state.

Mr. Brantley, I think you understand what the state court has ruled, but there is no doubt in my mind that you do not understand what God has ruled. Therefore you think that La Sierra has not violated the state mandate. You are probably right. And that is just the point.

New NAD president: ‘I love you’ doesn’t mean we won’t deal with issues
“Truth”, what is it? When this is settled, if it is, what will have changed? Those who oppose Bible truth and the Spirit of Prophecy remain in positions of leadership in the schools and the church. We have been given a glimpse of who will do what in an emergency. There is a line drawn in the sand. Some stood on God’s side. Many did not.

It is left with each of us to decide whom we shall serve. Jesus is coming soon and we are only just now beginning to be tested in ways that will not decrease, but rather increase until probation closes. Let us love the erring, but let us not choose them over Christ. The truth will cause division. This division must take place before Jesus can come.

Former LSU student letter reveals professor’s agenda

This has been going on for a long time.If it has been going on for so long, then how many of our other doctrines have been tweaked to correspond with other more evangelical views?Have we been compromised in more than the creation/evolution debate?Are there other areas of our twenty eight fundamental beliefs that have been arranged to say what the reader wants to believe it says? It is time that we studied to show ourselves approved unto God, workmen that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.You might be surprised at how many theological issues have been swept under the carpet…..

The teaching of evolution is not the important issue. I am glad that some are beginning to see the problem. Since some so far removed from the truth are in fact responsible for writing FB #6, then tell me that they and others like them are not responsible for other heresies being established at such a fundamental level in our church. I can tell you that they are. C. Mervyn Maxwell expressed it very clearly some years ago when he said that they had taken over the schools and our publishing houses. This is not something new nor is it something that has been done in the dark.

Pastor Brehms is just to the point when he says that the fault lies with us. Why have we allowed this? Because we buy the books filled with human wisdom at the neglect of studying that which is inspired. We have been given a pure fountain to drink from, but we have not done so. We have been drinking from broken cisterns. And the teaching of evolution is only a very small tip of a much larger problem. That it continues is proof that the problem does not end with the school.

The call for reform has gone out from the highest level in the church. Now, what shall I do? And watch what happens with conference leadership in Western Europe, Australia, and the NAD. There will be a rising up against the call for revival and reformation. It will fail because the church will see revival. But, many will be shaken out. Many are in the valley of decision and some will not choose God. Let us pray for ourselves and the leadership of our conferences.

LSU student: ‘Apostates or Apostles’?
This article in the school paper is distressing. I was recently assured that the General Conference had resolved the matter and “evolution” is not being taught at La Sierra any longer. The matter is an important one and the issue will not go away as some in the Southeastern California Conference believe. No, the teaching of evolution at La Sierra is a line drawn in the sand. Any ordained minister who supports this or fails to stand up against it, ought to be removed from his duties if he does not repent. It is an open attack against a fundamental belief that all Christians hold who trust the Bible rather than the wisdom of so called “higher” education.

It is very sad that these matters are being viewed by the world and other denominations. The Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Bible teach that man was created on the sixth day of creation. We believe the Bible is correct in stating that that there were six literal days of creation.

The General Conference in session at Atlanta this past summer entertained a motion from the floor that was not on the agenda. That motion was to insure that none in the church would misunderstand the church’s teaching on this fundamental belief. It was overwhelmingly passed to so state that we hold this truth to be one of our fundamental beliefs. There was very little opposition, but it was and is there.

There are some in leadership positions in our church that are in rebellion against the world church. This is very sad. It is not something that I need to say since the king has no clothes and all can see by the teaching at La Sierra and the current article from La Sierra. The students have been infected at this institution with heretical doctrines such as evolution. I am not spreading the disease nor am I spreading the information. The world already sees it and it continues to go on and on in direct contradiction to those who say it will go away. It will not go away. God has drawn a line in the sand and it is time for the Pacific Union Conference to take a position exactly as did the World Church at Atlanta.

Why have we not seen a resolution come forth from the Pacific Union or the Southeastern California Conference, or the Southern California Conference, or any other conference in the Pacific Union? How long shall we have to wait to hear from those on the board at La Sierra? Many are ordained Seventh-day Adventist ministers holding leadership positions in conferences. Tell the world what we believe as a church. Don’t let them believe we are being represented by the teachings at La Sierra, they do not represent what we believe, no matter what many in the Pacific Union Conference state. La Sierra and the Southeastern Conference have much in common that misrepresents the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I say this for the benefit of our church and many that are not of our faith and question what we believe when faced with what they have seen coming forth from these two institutions in our church.

We are Bible believing Christians. I for one will say so and refuse to allow these false teachings to be seen as coming from faithful Seventh-day Adventists. They do not. May the Pacific Union Conference and her local conferences be faithful to deal with this matter in an expeditious manner just as did the world church when in session. This is the prayer of millions of our brethren throughout the world.

“Autonomy and Academic Freedom”: WASC’s 2010 Review of LSU
There is no surprise with the letter’s conclusion. Not one is surprised. This is the world’s view, is it not? And the condition of the world at the of the second coming of Christ? The argument for academic freedom is not honest in the least any more than is the ACLU saying that the wall of separation between church and state blocks “religious morality” from being legislated.

If a biology professor at Harvard University decided to teach creation in the same manner as La Sierra is teaching creation, what would happen to that teacher? And, then after he was fired, what would the accrediting body do about it? We do not expect to see honesty in such matters, do we?

Then where is the problem at La Sierra? It is not with the world, it is with the church. The church board is composed of Seventh-day Adventists. If we have a problem at the school, we look no further than the church board. And, since many conference presidents sit on that board, one may want to consider each of these men before casting woes on a worldly accreditation board. This problem did not just appear out of nowhere and the teaching of evolution is only the tip of a very large difficulty. May we each open our eyes and heed the call by Pastor Wilson for revival and reformation.

As the letter points out, the fact that evolution is being taught at our schools has been noted nationally. Reproach has been brought upon Christ and His church. How long with the La Sierra board allow this to continue? How will they remove the reproach brought upon the church?