@Sean Pitman: Sean, Certainly science can inform us and unveil …

Comment on La Sierra University won’t neglect creation teaching, president, chairman vow by Andy McDonal.

@Sean Pitman:
Sean, Certainly science can inform us and unveil to us better understandings of God. But both theologians and scientist would do well to take a more humble stance acknowledging that whatever they believe, observe, or measure that informs about God, it is only a shadow of the infinite reality, and might even be incorrect beliefs, skewed observations, or mis-measures. A healthy dose of “our best research seems to indicate” creates less dogmatism and might make for friendlier conversations as we remember that the opposite of faith is not doubt but certainty. Now we see through a glass darkly–eventually we will see face to face. Hopefully our schools will be places that clearly teach and define the arguments that support SDA beliefs and also thoroughly acquaint students with why others find validity in different conclusions. We teach that way with theological belief systems and hopefully do so in other disciplines to form good liberal arts educational experience for our kids biased toward Adventism. Andy