I am appalled by the things written here. I too …

Comment on Walla Walla University: The Collegian Debates Evolution vs. Creation by Sarah.

I am appalled by the things written here. I too am a WWU student. I am not in the Biology department either, should that discredit my opinion. I am in the Health Science department. The views that were expressed in the Collegian were not representing the student body or school as a whole.
The comments here that really shook me were not the ones made by unknown people but by the students themselves. I have taken classes within the biology department and have found that the professors teach from the perspective of a literal 6 day creation. Students are amazed by the wonderful things God has done, and continues to do, through nature and our own bodies. Condemning the whole school as being ‘infiltrated by the devil’ is very extreme.
There is evil everywhere. Everyone sins, everyone makes mistakes on an individual level. How much more on an organizational level? Even within our churches there are problems. There aren’t many people who could say that no one in their church has ever had some crazy belief or opinion about something in the Bible. Those sorts of people are everywhere. We can’t beat that belief out of them! What we can do though is show them, through love, what the Bible says on the matter. You can’t treat WWU as one individual person or belief. This school is filled with different people with a very diverse background. Yes, there may be students (and even faculty) that have different beliefs about creation. If we didn’t get so caught up in these views and dug deeper we would see something else.
There was outrage on WWU’s campus when this Collegian came out. I am saddened by the things written in it. I believe in a 6 day creation. God is all powerful. How can we, as sinful humans, limit His power by saying that He actually took much longer? The teachers I have had at WWU love God. They believe in the Bible and support the message of the Adventist church. However, more important than supporting the Adventist church is supporting the Word of God, that is the Bible. The hate and animosity that has been thrown toward Walla Walla University has been done without research. Just like writing a research paper for a professor you cannot just throw your opinion around. No, you must have accurate research to back it up. I will let you make your own decision about the belief of WWU but don’t make that decision until you are informed about the opinions of WWU as a whole.
There are many students and faculty at WWU who are in love with Jesus Christ. They believe in the Bible and rejoice in the awesome power of an amazing God. Don’t label the majority based on the minority.
Blessings and Peace to all,