@Bill Sorensen, I agree with you completely. Ellen White would …

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@Bill Sorensen, I agree with you completely. Ellen White would not only be booted off both Spectrum and AT, but probably from most other SDA websites, including this one!

People are just not used to someone speaking truthfully, no matter whose feelings it hurts. Mrs. White spoke out forcefully, and wasn’t afraid to name specific people whom she disagreed with.

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Strumming the Attached Strings
@Bill Sorensen, The thumbs down don’t bother me a bit. You are right about the “deceiving the very elect” though. []

Strumming the Attached Strings

David Read:
@Bill Sorensen: Bill, I have now joined you in the ranks of the banned.They are not allowing me to post on any thread at AToday.For the time being, I am still allowed to post at Spectrum, which takes a broader view of permissible speech.

Dave, Consider it an HONOR to be banned from Spectrum or Adventist Today. Anyone who is banned by them certainly gave them too much TRUTH for them to handle, as you did over there!

Liberals and Progressives live by the term “tolerance” except when it comes to them tolerating what they do not want to hear.

Strumming the Attached Strings

Phillip Brantley:
Dr. Pitman, you (or some other editor) unfairly edited my last comment and the comment that I responded to, so I am forced to wipe the dust from my shoes and leave you and others to stew in anger and confusion.

Do you really mean this? Or will it be like many others who threatened to leave, but then constantly came back time after time, stayed a while, then later announce another departure?

BTW, Sean or Shane edit, delete, and censor many of my posts, and I don’t whine about it, stomp my feet, and (threaten to) leave.

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Thanks Sean for telling us the “rest of the story!” Very interesting!

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What exactly does “more inclusive” mean? The Northern California Conference uses this term in their literature, without explaining what it really means.

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@David Read, Can ET or Advindicate get an interview with somebody who actually knows, first hand, what went on with this AAA accreditation? What “deals” were made and by whom, why, and with what “strings” attached?

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@Sean Pitman, I agree with the lack of transparency at LLU and virtually anywhere in our SDA system. The hiding behind closed doors is rampant, not only at LLU, but on the Conference level, Union, and even the GC. Try to ask anybody a really specific question. All you get is either nothing or another set of vague responses. Try it some time, and you will see what I mean.

LSU Removes Dr. Lee Grismer as Chairman of the Biology Department
Any insiders know WHY this happened? Was it part of a “deal” with AAA for accreditation?