I’d like to know if the other Christian Universities in …

Comment on Strumming the Attached Strings by Christine.

I’d like to know if the other Christian Universities in the area have accepted these state funds. Biola, CalBaptist, and Azusa Pacific tell prospective students that their science classes are creation based.

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Two Conflicting Arguments in Defense of La Sierra University
So it sounds like Louie’s experience shows that WASC needs to be concerned, not that the sponsoring church is pushing it’s views on the university (thereby limiting it’s academic freedom), but that the university is limiting the academic freedom of its students to weigh the conflicting theories for themselves.


Two Adventist Universities Promote Six-Day Creation
As a life-long SDA, I always assumed my own children would attend an SDA college. However, they would like to stay in-state, and I refuse to pay over $100,000 (times 3 kids) to an Adventist school to teach them that Creation is a myth, so we have toured non-Adventist Christian universities in CA, such as Biola and CalBaptist. We are extremely pleased with their approach to Creationism and will be sending our children there. Unfortunately they will miss out on the benefits of an truly Adventist education, but I don’t want to pay a school to undo all that we have taught them at home about the inerrancy of the Bible. Perhaps after a couple years at an in-state school they will transfer to SAU.