Maybe they were young and not adults and didn’t need …

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Maybe they were young and not adults and didn’t need to eat a lot and maybe part of the reason the clean animals went on by 7’s is because some were to be used for food for the so called predators. But, think about this, so called predators were not always predators as God did not create killers and eaters of flesh. Think about the gorilla with its big, nasty looking teeth and yet is a vegetarian. If we’re told that the lion will eat grass like an ox in the new earth, chances are he did before. Anyway, it takes less faith in my estimation that God could figure out what these animals needed to eat for a year, than that even one living thing evolved…ever, from nothing.

You are saying species whereas my Bible refers to kinds. It seems that some groupings man has come up with since Genesis was written are not as singular as we would be led to believe.

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Southern Adventist University opens Origins Exhibit
Fantastic! As someone who has visited the Creation Museum in Kentucky, enjoying their unbridled enthusiasm for creation, and at the same time very sad over so many evolution leaning professors in SDA institutions, I’m greatly pleased with this.
Thank God for this step in the right direction.

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A New Endowment Program for Adventist Education
Endowments are great…for the recipient of the endowment. But do they just allow the recipient to continue on in their ways? Have our schools had to learn (like the private sector) how to make do with less, cut the fat, et cetera to survive in this economy? If they, the schools) are insured of plenty of money, will they ever change? Will the money come with strings to guide how the money is spent and what on?

Part of the problem with SDA education is the same as other education and that is the proliferation of easy money…student loans. Why is the “inflation rate” of education so far ahead of the monetary inflation rate and even the health inflation rate? Has the student loan, obtainable by anyone who can breathe, helped or hurt? Do we have degrees that are virtually useless? I am willing to bet that we all know of students who may not have even graduated and have mountains of debt, SDA’s included.

What about professors who publicly scoff at SDA principles? And have we gotten away from what Adventist Education should be? Are we content with health and other degrees that provide great incomes, but the emphasis is off of “finishing the work” and instead now on supporting your family comfortably through your retirement, giving to the latest building project (was it really needed)? Does this lead to complacency and laodeciaism (if that’s a word)?

Don’t get me wrong. Even with the problems at SDA institutions, I still believe our children are much better off at these institutions than most other public/private schools (as witnessed in lurid detail by my wife teaching in the public school system.) All three of my kids attend SDA schools, thank God!

Any other thoughts?

Changing the Wording of Adventist Fundamental Belief #6 on Creation
@GMF: Yes, it never ceases to amaze me how supposed “learned” men can buy into the evolution myth. However, it reminds me that the devil, though evil, is very good at what he does and we all best be aware through God’s grace at all times. Though evolution versus creation is no contest for me, what is the devil blinding me with???

Two Adventist Universities Promote Six-Day Creation
@Holly Pham: Yes, that’s his name. I will have to check out this website. What you say, doesn’t surprise me.

Two Adventist Universities Promote Six-Day Creation
@Sean Pitman: I attended AU where it was common knowledge in the 1980’s that many professors were evolutionists. I was a pagan at the time and didn’t care. Now I do quite strongly.

As for PUC, I do not have any knowledge of their evolution stance. I do have a daughter attending who had a Psychology Professor openly scoffing at SDA teaching on homosexuality and scoffing at parents who do not like his views. He in my view is playing the part of a “Jesuit confessor” [edit]
Unfortunately our SDA schools are plagued. Fortunately, I take it as a sign of the times and Jesus’ coming is fast approaching.

Why the Bible?
@ken: Well in that case why is it the book of Genesis and not the book of Gilgamesh? Quite simply, because one was G-d inspired and the other not. Quite possibly they did not borrow from each other, but merely wrote down what they observed/heard that which was passed down by others. In Moses’ case, it was divinely inspired. With the other authors describing similar events, who knows what their outside inspiration, if any, was. No, I have no definite proof. I do have the evidence of 66 separate books written by 30+ authors, somehow coming together in what we call the Old and New Testament today. Chance or divine inspiration. What are the statistical chances…