What has been left out of the entire discussion is …

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What has been left out of the entire discussion is what would have happened if from the very beginning hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were highly recommended early in every case instead of covered up with the help of Dr “Mengela” Fauci. Bet the death rate would be nill and the vaccine info wouldn’t have to be used to violate our right to work, live, eat, and get an education and mostly legally and fairly choose the real 2020 election winner, Donald J Trump which by data I’ve heard 8-15 million mail in ballets are unaccounted for along with China hacking and likely altering voting data in all 50 states. See cyberforum by Lindell, Frankspeech.com. YOUR RISK for dying and losing all your freedoms have gone up astronomically by this left wing and right wing Rhino fraud, likely a much greater risk to your life in the long term than the coronavirus especially if the terrorists getting in from the southern border, and China, Russia, Iran, or North Korea want to challenge a feckless corrupt Biden administration with Nukes, etc. I was in the Navy when the HIV epidemic started and no one forced gays or drug addicts at high risk to get tested. In fact it was against the law. At the time there was no treatment but testing would have potentially prevented them from infecting others. No I haven’t taken the vaccine. But I will immediately demand the above drugs if infected. I learned a lot about the mechanism of action of the vaccines and potential side effects and statistics on morbidity and mortality here. But I don’t think that anyone not taking the vaccine is harming someone if they wear a mask and distance. If anyone is concerned, take the vaccine. Others, maintain your right to chose and not be coerced by globalists, left wing anarchists, greenies, and even religious harlets who disgrace gods creation. I too am a pathologist and once practiced in Northern California. The devil controls California but there is an opportunity to take it back with the lifelong conservative black man Larry Elder. Spread the word and support him.

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Pastor Ivor Myers and Medical Panel Discuss COVID-19 and Vaccines
I am not 7th Day Adventist but my cousin is an Adventist preacher. In your discussion you said well Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin isn’t FDA approved. Duh, that’s the very problem. I have heard and met others including a doctor all who have benefitted and it is obvious looking at the corrupt WHO that went to bat for the Chineese communists this discussion is clearly not balanced. Why is corona incidence so low in India. Have you met someone with lupus on hydroxychloroquine that has had corona? Why did Sweden get herd immunity with no more deaths and never shutting their country down before the vaccine compared to the US and elsewhere. Why is the incidence lower in Africa where people take hydroxychloroquine for malaria prophylaxis. Why did everyone who died or was dying from other conditions who happened to pick up the virus get labeled a corona death which by the way increased the hospitals reimbursement. Too many unanswered questions and you need a balanced discussion to have credibility. For a moment you almost convinced me until you talked about how the corona vaccine actually makes the protein to induce the immune response. Tell me why this protein won’t attach to all ACE3 receptors on endothelial cells everywhere and cause multifocal microclots routinely. And you never addressed the inventor of this mRNA vaccine who got kicked off social media for saying something negative about the vaccine. Dorsey and Zuckerberg are of the devil, in fact the latter looks really like Caligula of Ancient Rome, so people wonder why only conservative or christian thought is banned including now coronavirus vaccine criticism, masking, lockdowns, etc. Coincidence? I am sure the Jewish doctor from New York that has used the medicines successfully with no deaths can counter or at least force you to think critically. I will still pass on the vaccine and as a pathologist with 40 years experience they can fire me if they want. I don’t want a handful of gold or silver to deceive anyone, just the facts and only an open forum and debate will change opinions and it will still be a personal choice, we are still a republic with a constitution. Too many doctors remind me of Pharisees. And I refuse to use the liberal social media platforms, the devils platform.