Sometimes we say there are non-Adventists who keep the Sabbath …

Comment on La Sierra University Looking for New Biology Professor by Bryant Worth.

Sometimes we say there are non-Adventists who keep the Sabbath better than Adventists. Could the same idea be applied to teaching in this area being sought???

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LSU statement regarding resignations and Bradley’s email
I also for one don’t believe that drinking alcohol during his conversation was enough to get Bradley fired/resigned. Possibly though this issue had been addressed with him in the past. My father was a professor at an Adventist higher ed. institution. He would drink alcohol at a local restaurant frequented by students. He was asked by the provost to limit his drinking to home and not public places (by the way this was not a Californina Adventist University). My father understood the institutions stance/beliefs and chose to resign with little resentment towards the school. I believe it was wrong of my father to drink – especially in public places with his position. I am not judging his salvation but yes I am indeed judging his actions. I love my father. We can condemn Bradley’s and others actions and still love him also. By the way, students loved my father during his many years of teaching – which also does not condone his actions.