I don’t for a minute think that LSU has returned …

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I don’t for a minute think that LSU has returned to the fold of orthodoxy. That would only happen if there was a house cleaning there and new conservative leadership is brought in. With the current leadership, both in the university and in the department of biology, a lowly Assistant Professor is not going to come in and teach/publish YEC and earn tenure. Who do you think is on the promotion/rank/tenure committee that will promote an assistant professor? It would be those same Full Professors the have espoused the heresy that has been well documented here on Educate Truth for the last few years. In a publish or perish academic world, no smart person is going to go against the senior faculty in their University/Department. It is sad that those that are supposed to be the most open minded are often the most closed minded. Things there are quiet now, but I don’t believe thy have changed their beliefs. What LSU needs is a clean sweep.

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La Sierra University Looking for New Biology Professor
Bill, there are two roads-one narrow with few travelers, and one wide with gridlock. We are coming down to the nitty gritty and having the name Seventh-day Adventist is not enough. It requires more than just a name. We have to do some really deep surrender, Bible study, soul searching and moral house cleaning to get on the narrow road. Most SDA’s are going to sadly surprised because they have refused to surrender and do the work that is necessary. Growing up in the system, going to the schools, putting on the facade, is not enough.

La Sierra University Looking for New Biology Professor
Conservatives who want to be loyal to our time-tested beliefs need to realize that the progressives, those that would like to change the Seventh-day Adventist Church to give up its beliefs, are like bulldogs that get a grip and don’t let go. We are naive to think that they EVER give up. In those times of supposed quiet, they are working behind the scenes, slowly, perseveringly, tirelessly, making change, especially trying to steal away our youth. This is how we got to the place where we are today. Conservatives have been asleep on the wall of the city and let the enemy steal away significant institutions of our church.

IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE! If ever there was a time to put away the things of this world, it is now. JESUS IS COMING SOON. Our church is in grave danger. Turn off the TV and video games. It’s time to get ready!

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The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU
@Jorge: This is a fundamental problem in America today that is ruining our country. For some strange reason Progressives and Liberals cannot make the distinction between disagreement and hate. This is implied in Jorge’s post. It is a very small minded position that says if someone disagrees with me, they hate me. It is implied in Jorge’s post that because Sean is a creationist, he would not help the evolutionist.

It is entirely possible to disagree on the subject of our origins – whether we were created by God or whether we evolved – and still be a loving Christian.

The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU
@Jorge: Jorge, do you have children? If so, where will you send them to school? How about a school where they don’t believe that God created the earth and that we evolved. And not only would your children believe that we were not created by God and there is no God, they are free to marry someone from their own gender. It REALLY doesn’t matter what you believe. Only love matters, right? Ridiculous.

Jesus loved the people, but he also ran the money changers out of the temple.

The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU
@Jorge: Jorge, so here are a couple of questions for you.

Do you believe that there are rock solid Biblical beliefs that the church has studied since before 1844 that should count as our Fundamental Beliefs? If so, are people who call themselves SDA church members free to pick and choose among those beliefs (Smorgasbord Adventism) as they want? Are they free to believe and teach beliefs contrary to the stated Fundamental Beliefs? If they go against the church’s beliefs and then cause others to doubt their belief in God, can they still be a member in good standing?

Your “warm and fuzzy” love everyone and have no judgement for anyone and everyone do as they please doesn’t work in REAL life. God is not a God of disorder. The church has to run on order or it falls apart.

The real problem is unethical people who won’t leave an organization when they no longer believe in it’s beliefs. But that is par for the course in this evil world. Maranatha!

The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU

What a tough place to be as an administrator! If they cave in to political correctness and acquiesce to the Progressives and allow LSU to continue in its errant ways, they will be responsible before God for the young people who lost their faith in God and the SDA church. But if they do the right thing and really fix the problem at LSU, they will offend the Progressives and there could be a schism in the church.

But who knows what is really in an administrator’s heart or mind? Maybe they were put into office for such a time as this. We shall see.

The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU
Does anyone really believe that the church is going to kick LSU out of the church or withhold accreditation? I seriously doubt it. Do any of you know any Adventist administrator who would do what EGW did and publically tell everyone to not send their children to an errant school, or even bolder to sell the university and use the money for other more noble purposes. I know of no SDA administrator that has the spine to do that. Most, if not all administrators are too tied to political correctness and not upsetting the apple cart to do the right thing. That is the sad reality. Unfortunately, the wheat and tares seem destined to intermingle until a severe crisis happens, or Jesus comes.

I hope none of us are so naive as to believe that LSU is the problem school in the SDA system. I’m sure there are problems, to a greater or lesser degree at all of our schools. Protect your children.