Sometimes we say there are non-Adventists who keep the Sabbath …

Comment on La Sierra University Looking for New Biology Professor by Bryant Worth.

Sometimes we say there are non-Adventists who keep the Sabbath better than Adventists. Could the same idea be applied to teaching in this area being sought???

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Two Adventist Universities Promote Six-Day Creation
It was a joy to listen to Dr. Art Chadwick from SWAU present 3 different lectures at Monterey Bay Academy this weekend. Besides the wonderful field work and research he is doing and his professor duties at SWAU he loves presenting and sharing the truths of Creation to younger people. I can tell you first hand as a academy teacher many of our young students are wondering what the big deal is concerning the Creation/Evolution debate. Why does it matter? But, at the least, here at MBA, we are trying very hard to educate as to the importance of having a foundation of Adventism in Creation and thus preparing them for the reality also of Christ’s very soon return. I would also encourage our Adventist academies to be very intentional about sharing this critical fundamental belief with their students including inviting guest lecturers to share and present. I know for a fact Dr. Chadwick would love to when time permits.

LSU statement regarding resignations and Bradley’s email
I also for one don’t believe that drinking alcohol during his conversation was enough to get Bradley fired/resigned. Possibly though this issue had been addressed with him in the past. My father was a professor at an Adventist higher ed. institution. He would drink alcohol at a local restaurant frequented by students. He was asked by the provost to limit his drinking to home and not public places (by the way this was not a Californina Adventist University). My father understood the institutions stance/beliefs and chose to resign with little resentment towards the school. I believe it was wrong of my father to drink – especially in public places with his position. I am not judging his salvation but yes I am indeed judging his actions. I love my father. We can condemn Bradley’s and others actions and still love him also. By the way, students loved my father during his many years of teaching – which also does not condone his actions.

CCC Requests “Decisive and Conclusive Resolution” from LSU
CCC, thank you for stepping forward with concern and love. Why is it, at times, when we speak of holding an institution accountable that we can be labled judgemental or unloving? Is it possible that the most loving course of action is to hold a person or institution accountable? This website, Michigan Conference and the CCC are not only trying to protect the masses of students who go through La Sierra but protect the University itself – out of love and concern. I have personally been held accountable and it was the most loving and Christian course of action someone could do for me(though at the time it did not feel that way).