Thank you, Charles. Your words are a clarion call to …

Comment on La Sierra University gets 3-year AAA Accreditation by Marilyn.

Thank you, Charles. Your words are a clarion call to personal revival, reformation and readiness for the Lord’s return.

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La Sierra University gets 3-year AAA Accreditation
This is more than disappointing. To realize that our church’s highest level of educational governance would approve the on-going heresy and anti-scripture posture of LaSierra is cause for deep concerns. And this within the framework of the GC’s 5-year emphasis on revival and reformation!!! A few years back a book was written on “Misadventures in Stewardship” with the title, Who Watches? Who Cares? It is evident that there is also much in the field of SDA education that falls under the same category? I personally thank Educate Truth for watching and caring, for being a watchman on the walls, blowing the trumpet with a certain sound and doing what it can to bring attention to these matters. We can be assured that within the circle of SDA science professionals, eyes are on this campus and the ripples of its influence will be wide.

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“LSU-3” Drop Lawsuit
I have the same question as Dr. Ron Stone: what is the current relationship between LSU and the three professors? Have they completely left LSU employ or do they still hold some positions on campus?

[6/17/11 UPDATE] Two administrators, one biology professor, and one board member resign
I stand in support of Educate Truth and its efforts to maintain integrity on an SDA campus of higher education. “Once to every man and nation (university) comes the moment to decide, in the strife of truth and falsehood, for the good or evil side.” Our church history shows that we have had to watch church institutions (Battle Creek San and Hospital) leave the sisterhood of institutions due to false teachings by its leadership. We should not be surprised if the cost of fidelity to truth has a price. Politically, we know that freedom has a price. Spiritually, fidelity to truth has a price.

I regret that Shane is coming under attack for having the courage to keep the light burning for doctrinal truth in Adventist education. We have long purported the idea of integration of faith and learning. Why would we want to excuse a science department who moves away from the “faith” aspect of its discipline?

Northern California Conference Votes to Act Independent of the General Conference
Sean, I commend you for your report on the NCC’s actions and your personal reaction toward it. Educate Truth has done a powerful service to the church and to individual readers in its pursuit of faithfully reporting issues regarding a fundamental doctrine of the church–Creationism. Whether or not the teaching of evolution as a true science in harmony with scripture is removed from our institutions, you have done your part in informing your readers. You are not responsible or have the power to transform your readers.

The same is true regarding the issue of church governance and how we should relate to the issue of GC authority in the cases you have stated. We may or may not agree, but it is not within our authority as individual members or as individual conferences to defy that authority.

Thank you for your sincere and careful presentation in this article. I plan to forward it to dozens on my mailing list. I am of the persuasion that we are leading into extremely difficult times within the church. And the enemy of souls is clapping and cheering that he can bring about a breaking away of one of the great conferences of the Church. NCC has had important role to play. I think of the work of Amazing facts within that area and God’s blessing of its wide ministry. To have our world work disrupted, to have the sense of brotherhood diminished, and to have a spirit of dissension among the remnant church means success to only once source. The great controversy between Christ and Satan is raging. Sadly, it has entered the hearts and thinking within the church and NCC is opening the door for others to follow.

Blessings to you, Sean, for your determination to stay “within the ship” as EGW as counselled. I am with you. I pray that there will yet be a rethinking of the NCC action and an eventual change in that determination.