Maybe time to research ALL education institutions from kindergarten to …

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Maybe time to research ALL education institutions from kindergarten to beyond tertiary. The results may be a shock and embarrassment to Adventism, who have just reviewed clarified and confirmed Fundamental Belief #6.

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La Sierra University gets 3-year AAA Accreditation
Actually, Bill, I must admit that I think Adventists themselves have NO say in what happens in the Church or Church run institutions. The Davenport Fiasco, the firing of David Dennis, the Patricia Moleski debacle, the La Sierra embarrassment and the other Adventist institutional failures all proof that the ‘Old Boys club’ is the only group who have a say in affairs. The evidence is clear. Neither do they worry about Adventists raising their voice. To silence these voices, the ‘old boys club’ employed a PR firm and very high profile lawyers- millions are spent in these areas. Guess where the steady funds come from to keep the ‘old boys club’ in charge….

La Sierra University gets 3-year AAA Accreditation
Mark, please don’t hold your breath that church leadership will deal with this. Like AAA, it’s a case of rubbing each other’s back, not doing what is right.

In fact, according to leadership, ADVENTIST BELIEFS have many grey areas. You could have fooled me šŸ™

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Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University
@Larry: @Larry: Larry, surprised as you may be, if the route of cutting free SDA universities for blatantly Practicing and Teaching evolution is followed, you may be left with very few, if any. Despite overwhelming evidence and scales tipping on the Creation side, pointing to an intelligent designer, those of us working at SDA universities advocating for creation, are by far, in the minority. The theistic, neo-Darwinism, post modernism and transhumanism and just pure ol evolution garbage has taken the upper hand. Ethics, the neo-Darwinist aka evolution way is simply this: we keep doing it, and, if we get caught, we do something about it: this sentence hinges on but one word: IF. Ruse’s advice, knowing that Darwinism aka evolution is a great lie, is stirringly this: Darwinism aka evolution had a great past- let us continue to ensure that it has an even greater future! And all the administrators and lecturers who are dead set at promoting evolution in every single way, says hallelujah, amen!! No wonder Adventism is in its darkest days ever! It’s really not rocket science to figure out why.

Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University
@Dr. Richard Brown: I fully agree with you. [edit] The critical question is: has Adventist institutions become the same? Loui highlights La Sierra, but you may be shocked to know many, many Adventist institutions teach evolution as fact. A Division president recently told me that it is evolution questions that students need to answer in the exam. You could blow me over with a feather. Who is fooling who, and can the church AND Triple AAA answer just why creationists are given an uphill struggle and are forced to leave many Adventist institutions? And, please, do not come with the lame excuse about progressives, liberals, conservatives. We either follow Christ and call ourselves Christians, or [not]. It really is that simple, nothing more, nothing less. Now, Church and TRIPLE AAA, answer the creationists loud and clear..

2013 Annual Council Votes to Change Wording of Adventist Fundamental Belief #6
@Sean Pitman:
Sean, if you are right and if ‘we are ALL in full agreement with the organized church’, why then is evolutionary science both taught and practiced at SDA universities, while there is no or shall I say, little, and, in most cases, no evidence that creation science is taught at Adventist institutions of higher learning? A previous post aluded to the fact that Adventism have income streams other than tithe. Could it be that the ‘income streams other than tithe’are providing a steady income stream and therefore Adventist Institutions are committed to teach and practice the theory of evolution? Clearly, these teachings are in opposition to FB#6. Those who are responsible for practicing and teaching the theory of evolution and ignoring creation science, are in clear breach of FB #6, right? Can we expect a major exodus now that FB #6 have been clarified?

The Adventist Accrediting Association is Still Reviewing LSU

‘I for one find it hard to imagine how the AAA could approve accreditation or funding for a school that continues to maintain and hire professors of science and religion who strongly oppose, with essentially no opposition or challenge, the Seventh-day Adventist position on a literal 7-day creation week’.

Wow! Maybe you are not fully ‘up to speed’ as to what is happening at Adventist institutions around the world. In my experience, not only does AAA approve of it, they give such administrators their full support and all the ticks. Those who are continually facing an uphill battle at Adventist institutions, are not those who are practicing (as administrators) and teaching evolution. The ‘total onslaught’ are against the very people who stand as creationists. La Sierra is certainly not the only institution- yes, those who are Creationists and stand firm on the literal 7 day creation week, not only finds it hard that the AAA approves funding- we find it hard that the overwhelming majority of decision makers are, it appears, completely on the other side, and continue, as part of the ‘total onslaught’, it’s support for those who strongly oppose the literal 7 days of creation. The big question is: Why are they allowed to continue to head up institutions and slowly get rid of creationists, one by one? They are clearly, it seems to me, in conflict with their own beliefs…But then, of course…Ted Wilson did bring in his own list of names, and those in positions of power are stroking each other’s back. Plain simple English calls it ‘HYPOCRISY’.

Is La Sierra University Legally Distancing Itself from the Church?
Ken, are you sure the church is ‘clueless’? What then are the leaders doing in their positions? Why are they there? Is this the reason why not only La Sierra, but many other Adventist institutions, based on my research, are going the same route? What, Ken, is the point of difference? What has ‘Christian education’ in SDA become? Ken, the most strange and ‘unholy’ things happen under cover of darkness- this could just be one thing……once the spotlight zooms again, there might be many, many more….Get into the brace position- the ride is set to be bumpy and overly tumultuous!! Unless, of course, the cover-ups are done really well! But, Ken, truth always have the habit of revealing itself- most times, at the most awkward and ‘naked’ moments when it is least expected