@Sean Pitman: I guess you don’t understand the call of …

Comment on IT’S THE CULTURE, STUPID by Jerry Yang.

@Sean Pitman: I guess you don’t understand the call of the Christian. The only job of a follower of God is compassion and justice – both of which are elements of a social order that Jesus ordained. Of course Adventists don’t really get this, but this is what God desires.You can not prove the point about melting. The only way not to melt is by having social impact. Do you think Mother Teresa gave a care for what you concern yourself with? No, but she did not melt. You see not one focused on social issues melting. That are the hardest to address. Wooden literalism is the bane of God on Earth. Look at the pain and suffering it has caused. Literalism is essential a front for cultural fundamentalists.

We do know that you don’t care about truly critical or rational thought, but maybe you’ll see the light someday.