Friends, fellow Christians: I’m new to this blog; I was …

Comment on Intelligent Design – Science or Religion? by Steph.

Friends, fellow Christians: I’m new to this blog; I was attracted by the title “Educate Truth,” interested in hearing more about the truth of the Bible as presented in Christ. I fear to say anything because of the attacks I see on all of these posts, but I have a comment: If this site is supposed to reflect the education of truth in a Biblical context, shouldn’t we all present it in the most Christlike way? As I read the Gospels I find that Jesus had a lot to contend with but always handled it without the slightest hint of sarcasm, even though it cost him his very life.

I’m not commenting on this article or its responses in particular. And I know we have freedom of speech and open dialogue and discussion. My two cents simply is this: We will always come up against people who have opposite ideas, opinions, and worldviews than we have, and we will probably not be able to change their minds to our views by arguing with them. Instead, if we take a few thoughtful moments in prayer, maybe we can respond in a way that will draw others to Christ instead of looking like the same kind of forum as the rest of our non-Christian neighbors.

Forgive me if my comment sounds too simplistic or if it sounds judgmental: I don’t mean for it to be because I am speaking to myself as well; I need this reminder in my life daily!