You can usually know someones opinion based on the terms …

Comment on Dr. Aseem Malhotra: From Pro-Vax to Anti-Vax by Enoch.

you can usually know someones opinion based on the terms they use. “Anti-Vax” is a false term like “Pro-Choice” is a false term.

which is ironic because most of the people who use the term pro-choice also use the term anti-vax (a term that targets people for wanting the right to choose what happens to their own body, the same argument they try to make regarding abortion, hence their self branding of “pro-choice”. The ultimate irony being that when they use the term its actually NOT their own body that theyre talking about, it’s the unborn person’s body. The term anti-vax is a shaming technique, just like the term pro-choice is. The truth is convincing on its own. Thats why people who hate the truth try to support censorship or social shaming (like the behavior inside gangs that lead people to commit terrible sins)

It isn’t about freedom or choice obviously because theyre outraged if you do nott agree with them. What jt is really about is elitism and pride, Imagining that you are a better more moral person, that your “enemies” are people who disagree with you. Saying the only thing you don’t tolerate is intolerance, and defining intolerance as any subject you disagree with. This is the progressive mindset, even the word progressive is prideful and elitist; it is assuming that it is their opinions are all improvements (progress). The amount of hypocrisies in most worldly ideologies are abundant. Follow the truth. Remember that your personal truth is not always the real truth. There is only one real truth, and you should know him. His name starts with J.

. The vast majority of opposition for C19 vaccines is not the idea of vaccinations, in general. It is in the political and social strong-arming of people to do something to their own bodies against their will. Ignoring legitimate concerns some people have with taking an experimental tech rushed to production. The only reason it was offered by the Rx industry was because the govs gave legal immunity to the corps for any harm caused by it. People are told they don’t have a right to sue for damages because it was a choice. A choice which was forced at gunpoint essentially. If you have to choose between taking it and not being able to feed your family thats not much of a free choice.