Sean wrote, “God, and therefore Truth, never changes. However, our …

Comment on Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs by Ranald McLeish.

Sean wrote, “God, and therefore Truth, never changes. However, our human understanding of truth does change —”

Sean, my question is very specific, am I correct in assuming the above is what you understand this phrase, commonly used by Adventists, means?

As we have a 50/50 vote, so far, I suspect someone must disagree.

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Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs
Hi Bob,

You said, “But you pulled references from the little horn of Daniel 8 to make your complaint and in so doing you lost the specificity of the Daniel 7 timeline. There is no way to see Daniel 7 in every point read from Daniel 8 without deleting the added detail that we find in Daniel 8.”

Where did I ever say that? Please do me justice and quote me correctly.

Bob you also said, ” Daniel 8 does not address the length of time that the little horn rules. The little horn of Daniel 8 arises after the division of Greece.”

I believe you are correct, if you see two little horns in Dan. 7 and 8. So please tell me, how do you fit your understanding with the statement from FB, that is considered by Adventists to be the truth … in Jesus?

I am assuming from what you have said that you and Bill agree the LH of 7:8 is “another horn” that represents another power, a new power, the Papacy, that arose in the midst of the 10 horn kingdoms, and ruled for 1260 years, 7:25.


Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs
Re the topic.

Will someone be brave enough to define exactly what “THE TRUTH AS IT IS IN JESUS” means to Adventists? It appears that unless we have a clear understanding as to what this phrase means to Adventists, when used by Adventists, we will not understand the difference between Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs.

For example, does THE TRUTH AS IT IS IN JESUS, change?


Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs
Hi Bob,

The topic is Creeds and Fundamental beliefs, my question and response has been with that in mind.

I agree with you regarding the SS Quarterlies, however they do not claim to represent “the truth as it is in Jesus.” As far as I am aware, only the book Adventists Believe, makes that claim. Thus the question does that make it creedal, especially when people are judged by it as opposed to the Bible?