Some time ago in our Sabbath School class our head …

Comment on Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs by Daniel Shannon.

Some time ago in our Sabbath School class our head elder and head deconess got into a somewhat heated discussion. During this discussion I realized we had three visitors setting behind me. I became more and more nervous as the “discussion” continued. Later, to my dismay, those visitors told the person that invited them they would NOT be back. Their reason: “Hey, you people don’t know what you believe!” Paul is clear in 1 Corinthians 1:10 we should all speak the samethings, that there be no divisions and that we should be perfectly joined together. It is the devil’s goal to divide and conquer while Christ’s is to unite in Him. IF we are truly united together in Him we will be in harmony, we WILL be saying the samethings because it will be Christ speaking, not ourselves.

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LSU Responds to Issues Regarding Dr. Diaz and WASC
Ummm Professor I would suggest you go back and reread my reply. I said it was my NEIGHBOR’s daughter, not mine. Secondly the very issue that almost caused her to lose her faith was THIS very issue under discussion. Evolution versus Creation. She conveyed to us that the professor responsible ridiculed ANYONE who disagreed with him, embarassed them in front of the whole class. In other words, any one that believed God created this planet in six days was attacked.

LSU Responds to Issues Regarding Dr. Diaz and WASC
@Bill Sorensen: Bill, twenty years ago seems almost ancient history. My neighbor’s daughter went to LSU just a few years (5) ago. Her faith was so shaken she almost left the church. If it was NOT for daily conversations via phone with her dad she would have! LSU certainly did indeed undermine this young lady’s faith in what the SDA Church offically teaches.

Michigan Conference vs. LSU – Right Wing Politics or Truth in Advertising?
Why do some people insist on bringing God down to their level of understanding. Some seem to believe that God is not capable of doing what He said He did. Trying to make the biblical record fit ones idea of science is actualy dishonoring our creator. If we don’t accept the bible as our only basis for faith and practice, we should join a different church.

LSU Responds to Issues Regarding Dr. Diaz and WASC
@Professor Kent: Professor, whether or not we have Jesuits at the GC, SAU or elsewhere is not the issue. The TRUTH is. TRUTH is the issue here and as I’ve already posted, I know what LSU has indeed been teaching our youth.

Northern California Conference Votes to Act Independent of the General Conference
With all due respect Sean Mrs. White makes it clear we are to take Scripture as it is written. It says what it says and words have meaning. IF the term “man” in this case was generic than it makes no sense for Paul to say “MUST be blameless, the husband of one wife” for it is impossible for a woman to be the HUSBAND.