Jon S. Klingbeil: “People who think that the Scriptures should be the …

Comment on Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs by Holly Pham.

Jon S. Klingbeil: “People who think that the Scriptures should be the sole authority, should logically become Seventh Day Adventists and keep Saturday holy” (Saint Catherine Catholic Church Sentinel, Vol. 30, Nov. 22, May 31, 1995)

Great Quote. Has anyone ever tried to dispute this logic? From either within or outside our SDA Church/

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Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs

BobRyan: To Faith and Holly – thank you for those kind words. There are untold numbers of objective unbiased readers viewing these threads – many more than our TE friends would like to Christ,Bob

You’re so correct Bob. Most SDA’s I speak to know “about” ET and support it, but the vast majority do not post anything or even “vote.” Why?

Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs

BobRyan: The “mechanism” for creationism is observed every day. Intelligent designers create books, computer programs, works of art that rocks and gas will never produce no matter the times the blind-faith evolutionist utters their sacred mantra “beeeellions and beeeellions”.By contrast – the “mechanism” for evolutionism whereby static genomes acquire new coding genes such that the amoeba turns into the horse (after the appropriate beeeeellions and beeeellions is said over it) – has never been “observed in nature”.in Christ,Bob

Well stated, Bob. Intelligent being do create things. However, rendomness and blind chance don’t seem to.

Creeds and Fundamental Beliefs

Dave: The most beautiful three words in all of scripture are: “And God said”….That’s all I need to know. He said it. It is. Case closed. Just like the Bible says.

I agree. However, liberals and progressives have a different view. What the Bible says must be “interpreted” by each person. Thus, there must be millions of viewpoints on what the Bible actually “means” especially as it relates to our postmodern society.

The end result of this type of thinking is we become our own “gods.”

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