@Sean Pitman: I read thoroughly your article admitting honestly, that …

Comment on Avondale College Arguing in Favor of Darwinian Evolution? by Nona Irwin.

@Sean Pitman: I read thoroughly your article admitting honestly, that because I am just a person lacking scientific knowledge, I found it hard to absorb many of those issues presented, especially those with scientific explanations. I did understand a little about the Theory of Tectonic plates and Geologic columns and this helped me a little to understand about the creation of our planet.

I cannot refute the comments of the commentators. Rather, I thank them, and you, Dr. Pitman, for this enlightening topic that deals with God and His creations. It has greatly strengthened my faith in Him. And no matter what others say about our God, I chose to put all my trust in Him, and not in man.

I thank you for the your comments of January which I re-stated here:

“There is a valid “alternate model” that has very good predictive value. That model is called “Intelligent Design”. There is also an alternate model for explaining the origin and timing for the arrival of life on Earth which is called the “Catastrophic/Flood Model”.

While these theories are rejected by secular scientists, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t valid scientific theories or that they don’t produce a better explanation for the weight of evidence that is currently available compared to neo-Darwinism. Scientifically speaking, they are much much better at explaining the origin and diversity of life on this planet compared to neo-Darwinism.

Popularity has nothing to do with it. We already know, via the Bible and the writings of Ellen White, that the end-time church isn’t going to be popular. Not at all. So, popularity isn’t something we should be shooting for. What we should be shooting for is a personal understanding of the truth that God has for us to reveal to the world – regardless of who actually accepts God’s gospel message of hope or the Third Angel’s Message to “Worship God as the Creator”. Giving this message of hope to the world is our job. Making the message popular isn’t our job. Conviction must be left up to the Holy Spirit.”

I share Mrs. White’s view about the pre-existence of our world. Would grreatly appreciate it if you could please give me your reference?