Bill&#032Sorensen: Mr. Helm is typical of those who use a …

Comment on Avondale College Arguing in Favor of Darwinian Evolution? by James E Diaz.

Mr. Helm is typical of those who use a chain saw and hatchet to butcher up the bible to patronize science. The first five verses in Genesis are all “the first day”.

Sean said in his article, “I’m not sure why the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church doesn’t say and/or do more about the teachings of the schools that bear its name?”

Like our U.S. political situation, our spiritual leaders of the church are impotent to do anything but pontificateabout punishment for rebellion against the church. It seems likely the church as a corporate legal entity is becoming useless to God to accomplish and finish His work. It is so fragmented into many independent ministries that the independent ministries do far more evangelizing than the official SDA denomination. Probably 80% of evangelism is done by these independent ministries. God has used, and is to some degree still useing the SDA denomination to defend and advocate some important bible truths. But it is becoming less and less viable in both administration and doctrine. We must be aware that these independent ministries are not officially controled by the SDA denomination. Thus, they are not the “official” church. The church has no control of what they teach or advocate. Not to mention that no one “joins” an independent ministry to become and member of the ministry. This also means if a person supports one of these ministries, they have no “official” voice in what they do or teach.

On the other hand, technically a church member has some “official” say concerning the SDA church because they are official members. What we have today is mass confusion about almost all aspects of what is the church, and what is the church teaching. And this is one reason there is no discipline by church leadership when false doctrine is advocated and supported in any local church, school, or any other means of communicating the SDA message. One obvious question would be, “Where do you start to clean up the mess?” If you did discipline one avenue of education, they would simply say, “Why are picking on us, when there are many other issues of equal concern on many other levels?”

So, it seems impossible for any viable discipline on any singular issue unless you deal with every other issue at one and the same time. And this certainly seems unlikely and even unworkable.

Amen to that. And what are we suppose to do as members.