Sean, I appreciate your direct responses. How would you respond …

Comment on Are mRNA Vaccines for COVID-19 helpful or harmful? by John Fleming.

Sean, I appreciate your direct responses. How would you respond to the anti-vaccination group that eschews “experimental technology” and says that the vaccine trials have not been shown to reduce hospitalizations or death?

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Are mRNA Vaccines for COVID-19 helpful or harmful?
I’ve heard questions by anti-vaccers, including Dr. Simone Gold, that there was an issue with ferrets in the animal experiments. Do you know the background?

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Well said, and probably a more readable recap. Let’s take a stand on a Biblical foundation.

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I would echo Bob’s comments and thank you for your faith-building material. There is much in the world to denigrate a young earth, literal 6-day creation, and intelligent designer, and your articles are a breath of life and truth. Because scientific thought and research is a moving target, whatever forum you choose to publish should be one that can be revisited and updated occasionally.

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Shouldn’t there be some kind of litmus test, i.e. agreement with the church’s 28 fundamental doctrines, before teaching within one of our schools? Why isn’t teaching any material that denies a literal understanding of the Bible combined with a rejection of the Spirit of Prophecy grounds for immediate dismissal? It’s honorable to resign when in disagreement with basic church doctrine, however it would seem we are also guilty of creating a bureaucratic system of tenure based on credentials and longevity regardless of a teacher’s personal belief or their ability for instituting a curriculum in harmony with the public school system.

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Sean, I greatly enjoy your analysis of science regarding the theories of evolution versus intelligent design. Do you have an online bio or resume that shows your research, any peer-reviewed articles, etc.?

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Your thoughts on Dr. Walter Veith as a guest presenter of the Biblical position on creation at La Sierra?