First I ever heard of the higher atmospheric pressure and …

Comment on After the Flood by Colin Maunder.

First I ever heard of the higher atmospheric pressure and oxygen levels pre flood was back in the late 80s or early 90s in a video called ‘Panorama’ of Creation’ by Carl Baugh.
Adam, being so much bigger, could comfortably run at 30 mph plus, all day, jumping streams or obstacles, and not get tired due to his oxygen levels not being depleted. “They shall run and not grow weary” springs to mind.
The metallic hydrogen firmament he proposed, was a bit hard to accept, but who knows?
I learned about all the giant animal fossils a long time ago also. but never hear it mentioned. If they were all so big, man surely would have been big too.
Thanks for another great talk Sean.

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The Flood
Thank you Sean. You are right on. It is interesting that Mars has flood features, the solar system’s largest impact crater and, on the opposite side, the largest volcano. And the moon has those huge basalt flows only on the side facing earth. I have a feeling that the events of the flood may have involved more than just our planet. It probably wreaked havoc on our entire solar system. “The powers of heaven shaken”.
This is your calling Sean. The defense of The Bible. Not the defense of the evil that we have experienced from governments and leaders over the last few years.
Bless you brother