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Comment on Adventist Review: Pastors Who Don’t Believe by Paula Nixon.

@Sean Pitman:
As an Adventist whose offerings go to pay for the institutions that are supposed to be promoting our beliefs, I think I have a right to know which professors or hierarchy are consciously teaching, not just other than our beliefs, but actually counter to our beliefs. It is known to those involved in the institutions which ones they are, we should be told.

Sister White said that when we get to heaven we will be surprised by those that won’t be there. Where is Professor so and so? Where is Doctor so and so? They were highly thought of at my school. And where are my children that I sent to Adventist institutions to teach them God’s ways. Would I have been better off to sent them to worldly institutions where they would have had their guards up?

And, could these people be considered the “very elect” that have been deceived by false prophets,(Mk.13:22) and I add false professors and institutions, that are going on to deceive our kids. And we pay them to do it! We honor them with high titles and praise. Shame on us when we hear of the problem and don’t do anything about it!

Paula Nixon

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The reality of creation is the basis of our name
With all the evolution being promulgated by some of our hierarchy, it is so refreshing to hear the leader saying we stand by the Bible. I recently received a letter from La Sierra Alumni asking for a donation. I said absolutely not. You are not my school anymore. It would be better for them to change the Sabbath to Sunday, and they would still be keeping a day to honor God. As it is they are eliminating Him as the creator of everything and taking away the inerrancy of the Bible.

The Metamorphosis of La Sierra University: an eye-witness account
@Roger Seheult:

At LSU they are the big fish in a little pond. If they go somewhere else, they will be newbees. So why not build up their “own” University where they run things like they want?

LSU board members do have whistleblower protection
The point is, no one should be able to any teach non- Adventist doctrines, which evolution or gap theory or whatever they call it is. How basic is that! Evolution is counter to our beliefs, and should not be taught in our schools any more than to tell our kids the Sabbath was changed to Sunday.

Actually they did tell us about evolution in my zoology class at LS in 1954, but it was to tell us the problems with it. Evolution is ridiculous when you know what they are actually telling you. The Adventists that go along with it are making a god out of men’s wisdom. Our kids would be better off going to another Christian college, even if they did keep Sunday, because our kids would have their guards up and wouldn’t fall for it. When they hear something in our schools they have the right to feel they can accept whatever is presented.

LSU propaganda
It shouldn’t be “the church says it, so you have to believe it.” However we shouldn’t let man’s wisdom and biases,colored by the desire to get rid of God,effect it.It should be “The Bible said it, so I believe it beginning with Genesis 1:1-3 to John 1:1-3 and everywhere else where the wise people in the Bible, esp. Jesus,say it was created in six days, and it just happens that this is what the Seventh-day Adventist church believes. I think the people educated in the big universities are brainwashed and bring it back to our institutions which in turn are brainwashing our students. There are thousands of highly educated scientists that believe in a six day creation. They could see the problems with evolution. Some even started out as evolutionists. Actually only 7% of mathematicians believe in evolution. They can see that time wouldn’t allow what we have here. You don’t have to be a dummy to believe in creation. Actually in my studies, it seems the other way around. It’s just the evolutionists are so loud and blatant about their claims so many are convinced they must know something. They don’t. Just because everyone keeps Sunday instead of Sabbath, doesn’t mean they are right and must know something we don’t know. How could you not believe in a six day creation and the 7th day Sabbath and consider yourself an Adventist? Mixing in evolution is sort of like adding Mary worship to our doctrines.

Dr. Geraty clarifies his “Challenge” to literal 6-day creationism
Mr.Geraty was surprised at the reaction to the teaching of evolution at LSU because the scientific, if not the whole of the intelligentsia in Southern California go along with it. They have accepted man’s science (which was developed in the first place to get rid of God) as opposed to God’s revelation as to how He did it. They certainly don’t want the intelligentsia from the worldly universities to accuse them of believing in myths.

It is amusing that people that don’t agree with holding to the faith, call on love and acceptance as being more important than clinging to “thus saith the Lord”.

I think the investigation should go on over to LLU as my aunt leaned, and accepted, the Gap Theory from her Sabbath School class there.
Paula Nixon