It is a bit of a side-track, but I think …

Comment on Adventist Review: Pastors Who Don’t Believe by Gary Gibson.

It is a bit of a side-track, but I think the point is the prevalence of apostacy in many quarters. I am close friend with the Methodist pastor in our community who has been influenced by the “Jesus Seminar” to downplay the miracles of the gospels. My religion professor at Andrews University taught that Moses made up “Thus saith the Lord” to control the people. At my conservative niece’s wedding in Nevada last year, the Adventist pastor hounded me about believing in the Spirit of Prophecy. He said the church wouldn’t fire him before he retired. But for every one who doesn’t believe, God has 7,000 who are faithful to His truth. It is time to draw warmth from others coldness and strength from their weakness.

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Shane and Sean, What a day! If anyone reads this message (after all the others posted today), they will be very tired. God bless you for your balance. Satan no doubt wants to get us all sidetracked with trying to straighten each other out. With all due respect to Bill Sorensen, why not press together on the areas of agreement?