Very insightful and sobering post. With all this in mind …

Comment on Adventist Review: Pastors Who Don’t Believe by Adrian.

Very insightful and sobering post. With all this in mind and considering the publicity at LSU, I’d like to know how defenders of the status quo in LSU would define apostasy.

It’s so sad that there’s even a question as to the right of the church as a body to regulate in its own institutions. If they could only see the effect this inaction has on students who face these things in the classroom, then they would feel responsible for these students, and hopefully before the Lord demands of them the blood of their souls. Or perhaps these same folks would condemn Jesus’ actions as he kicked out all the moneychangers?

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Louie Bishop Testifies, Again, about His Experience at La Sierra University
I’m often very conflicted about what the “right” thing to do is concerning this mess. Many of us (students) have been terribly disappointed by many church leaders who’ve refused to deal with sincere questions from students looking for guidance to do God’s will. For example, how does Matthew 18 apply, and how does Titus’s counsel on public exposure apply…

Other leaders have abandoned us to the dogs–so to speak–or they’ve even been complicit in making life very difficult for those who’ve dared to stand.

My wife and I were threatened with losing our NAD sponsorship for our mission work because of a past conflict with our college, stemming from taking a stand as Louie had. It was only because someone from our mission field got involved establishing a direct line with the NAD that this was resolved.

I’m sure we made mistakes, but I wish we had clearer guidance from those more experienced than us. Instead, I often got highly evasive answers to say the least. Thank God He provided wise and truly godly counselors in our time of need.

Anyone who stands should expect to be accused of being the troublemaker and of not “handling things right.” Then let it be known what the “right” way is, for many young folks out there are praying for this.

Panda’s Thumb: ‘SDAs are split over evolution’
All of you who defend PUC and LSU as not promoting evolution and other heresies, or as Eddie put it, that PUC’s statement is proof positive that it supports the church: Students and former professors have come on here to say that all these things are indeed happening. Others have come in defense of Dr. Ness and have shown exactly the kind of philosophy they are being taught. You have testimonies from students.

You accept those who defend attacks against the church’s beliefs, and you dismiss those who say that these attacks are taking place. And then when there’s a solid 40 minutes of video released that shows exactly the sort of stuff and philosophy that is being taught, you find excuses to dismiss it as misrepresentative. It seems to me that students who stand for truth are fighting a losing battle with you naysayers. The Lord Himself will have to step in to vindicate His name. Poor students. And shame on you all for excusing this travesty.

For real education reform, take a cue from the Adventists
@OTNT_Believer: I can assure you that plenty of overtures and appeals have been made to the administration at PUC over many years. Students have gone up to individual professors to express concerns, but who cares about one or two students who muster the guts to confront apostasy?

This is a whole philosophy and culture they are up against. They band together to protect their own. Students have addressed the administration and conference officials. This whole thing needs to be blown wide-open before the church wakes up to its predicament. The chair of the Religion Department is likewise a resistant figure. Those who stand for truth at PUC are seen as a danger by many in a position of power. I promise you that. Those of you who insist on putting human relationships over God’s truth will be responsible for the blood of these young students. This cowardice must stop!

An apology to PUC

Karl, how many years ago was that? Was homosexuality actually being advocated (“open advocacy of homosexuality” in your words) or was it merely a message of tolerance instead of condemnation?  (Quote)

@Eddie: Yes, Eddie. It’s still being taught and promoted. It’s no secret.

@Karl G. Wilcox: Hey Wilcox, take your homosexual issues ELSEWHERE. I am glad you left this school. How dare you as a Christian shun a student who is homosexual. Christ associated with ALL people, and you should too. Unless you would like to reignite the Nazi party. I am disgusted by your comment.  (Quote)

@Mary Jane: Jesus welcomed all sinners. But He also told them to go and sin no more. And if they refused to stop sinning, He still loved them more than ever, even with tears in His eyes for their refusal to accept Him.

PUC Professor: The Noachian Flood was just a local flood?

I had one class with Dr. Ness. I really like the guy, but to be honest, I didn’t know him well enough personally to know whether or not he believed in a literal 7-day Creation. Considering the loose way that many interpret fundamental belief #6, it’s easy for someone to claim to fully support the church’s position on origins whilst deviating from the “literal” part of that fundamental belief. And you know what? I’d probably have to sit down with him and ask him point-blank what his position on the matter was. I’m curious to know how many of these students who’ve commented on here have actually had this conversation with him. I can see from many of their comments that even they don’t believe in a literal 7-day Creation, and that they find it a virtue to go against the church’s stated position.

I’m well aware of the progressive mindset of some of these professors and such who think that it’s no big deal to be “creative” with the fundamental beliefs. My point is that a full-blown heresy does not require a direct attack against, let’s say, the Sabbath or another pillar of the church for a danger to exist. Most danger exists in subtleties. Frontal attacks rarely work. Such is the nature of Satan’s deceptions, and slowly but surely does he work to erode Biblical truths. As one of my favorite preachers once said, even a drop of arsenic in a glass of water is enough to kill you. One drop of blatant disregard for the clear teachings of the Word of God is enough to render that water useless.

If one believes in the Spirit of Prophecy and Adventist eschatology…however unpopular it may be these days…we’d see that our bitterest enemies will come from within, from people we’ve grown to love. We must separate our love for people from our love for truth, because unfortunately there will come a time when we’ll have to choose one or the other. I’m not looking forward to that terrible time.