Sean, Great post! I’ve met my share of these …

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Sean, Great post! I’ve met my share of these people myself. Most DON’T leave, at least not right away. Some not until they are forced out by others. And, of course, some…NEVER.

The more important problem is not that we have them in our SDA Church, but they usually continue to slowly compromise their biblical principles until not only they, But their congregations, school, or whatever, are also damaged. Which is what we see at LSU!

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Adventist Review: Pastors Who Don’t Believe

In this regard, you simply don’t know what a person really does consciously understand – to include a well-educated atheist. Sean Pitman

Well, Sean, atheists have written books explaining what, why, and how they have rejected God’s Truth. Those at LSU have explained what they believe and why they have accepted Man’s word and rejected God’s Truth. You say we can never know anything about this, and they must not really “understand” what they are doing.

Not only would I and others here disagree with you, but I believe the atheists would disagree. The idea that church members cannot be “judged” by their words and actions is simply not biblical.

Adventist Review: Pastors Who Don’t Believe
Steve, Sean has his own Gospel according to Sean, which he will stick to forever, no matter who says what or what the bible actually says. Sean says Moses and the Prophets are “empirical” evidence then says they are not!

I agree with you about taking him seriously on certain points, but he is doing a great job on some other things. So, I guess we have to take the true with the erroneous.

Besides, what Sean preaches as “gospel” is not the real issue here. The problems at LSU ARE.

Adventist Review: Pastors Who Don’t Believe

@Sean Pitman:
As an Adventist whose offerings go to pay for the institutions that are supposed to be promoting our beliefs, I think I have a right to know which professors or hierarchy are consciously teaching, not just other than our beliefs, but actually counter to our beliefs… could these people be considered the “very elect” that have been deceived by false prophets,(Mk.13:22) and I add false professors and institutions, that are going on to deceive our kids.And we pay them to do it!We honor them with high titles and praise.Shame on us when we hear of the problem and don’t do anything about it!Paula Nixon  

One of the major problems with our colleges is that the control is so “far away” from the constituency. I have tried to contact Board members at PUC, but I was not allowed to obtain any information regarding how to contact them.

With local academies, if you have a problem (I’ve had several sending 3 kids through them) you can go directly to the principal or even school board and speak to someone directly.

With our colleges, no such freedom!

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The reason the LaSierra situation has gone uncorrected so long is that most of our administrators have exactly the sort of political instincts that Dan Jackson has. They are politicians and consensus builders; they want to keep the peace and make the trains run on time. But the circumstances call for men of principle, hard men who are willing to stand for the right “though the heavens fall,” i.e., regardless who is offended and loudly complains.

Dave, I agree with you. Jackson’s trying to play on “both teams” is not going to go well for him.

Unfortunately, politics is the “SOP” of many of our SDA officials, Jackson being just one. “Political instincts” are the rule, instead of actually doing what is “right” according to what we know in God’s Word.

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Shane Hilde: Think big fish: LSU or the Seventh-day Adventist Church.Graham might not have followed procedure with these men, but I don’t know what the procedure is. I’ve read what the process is in the faculty handbook, but I don’t know if that applies to administrative positions which are at will employees. If it does apply to them, then it appears the process was not followed.

Trustees book says, in 6,9,F, that the Trustes may “discontinue” virtually anyone working at the university.

Does that mean to “fire” or to “force their resignation? Seems like it does.