Thank you Wesley and Sean for time and effort at …

Comment on Academic Freedom Strikes Again! by Pastor Terry McComb.

Thank you Wesley and Sean for time and effort at clear thinking and sounding an alarm. “What can the people do when the foundations crumble?” God’s prophet to His last church like Jeremiah gave some distressing Predictions!

She predicted “Soon all our schools will be closed up.” In two places, RY91:3; 5T156.2. The context seems to be $$$ as to why. This may be the year we see these predictions start to happen.

The truth of Jesus as Creator and re-creator has been the theme of my ministry. I Cheer the World Church Affirmation Sabbath Scheduled For May 20 In U.C.C. Could we join them and make it a NAD wide event?? Pray over this. We need a loud cry of support for our world Church for this VERY year. Isa.58:1 “Cry aloud” On our knees for His Wisdom.

Sincerely retired Pastor Terry McComb

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It has come to my attention, from someone who lives in the dooryard of LSU, that the Origins problem “is not just a problem of the science dept.” This observer stated that, “There was not one teacher in the Region Dept that believes a literal 6-day creation – except for one part time semi-retired Bible teacher.” If the Dean of HMS Divinity school holds to theistic evolution it is likely he will surround himself with Bible teachers of the same view. If this is true every student who goes there will be be confronted by Bible department’s doubts regarding the first chapters of Genesis. Therefore, every student will be affected by their doubts! After all, the serpent beguiled Eve with his doubts!

I think we need to look closely at the Bible department as well as the science department at LSU. Southern Adventist University is the only school, to my knowledge, that has openly stated what they believe and teach concerning origins along a truly Adventist perspective.

Pastor Terry McComb

[Editor’s note: Southwestern Adventist University is also quite open and active in promoting the Adventist position on origins in both its science and religion departments.]