New Book: “Understanding Creation”

Educate Truth shares the following advertisement for a new book, Understanding Creation, as a service to readers.

Understanding Creation:
Answers to questions on faith and science

From the Publishers:

Understanding origins is vitally important to Seventh-day Adventists.  This is not just an issue relegated to the science departments at institutions of higher learning.  Every Seventh-day Adventist needs a clear and uncompromising understanding of where we came from.

With the help of some of our church’s leading scientists, Dr.s L. James Gibson and Humberto Rasi present the latest information on the subject of creation in words anyone can grasp.  Understanding creation: Answers to questions on faith and science is a must read for Seventh-day Adventists – especially Seventh-day Adventist leaders.

This authoritative and faith-affirming book includes such chapters as:

  • Are the Bible and Science in Conflict?
  • What is the Evidence for a Creator?
  • When Did Creation Occur?
  • Can I Believe in a Worldwide Flood?



This book provides answers, from a biblical-Christian worldview perspective, to 20 of the most commonly asked inquiries regarding Creation, evolution, the first chapters of Genesis, the Flood, dinosaurs, fossils, radiometric dating, and related subjects. Although carefully researched, the contributors use a language accessible to the common reader. It can be used by teachers and college students as well as by anyone interested in the relationship between the Bible and science.

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3 thoughts on “New Book: “Understanding Creation”

  1. A new book on Creation! Maybe some folk need this, but I find that the Bible is VERY CLEAR on creation, and I have total faith in God’s Holy Word! I have NEVER doubted the literal seven day creation week, to do so would be like me trying to LIMIT GOD! It would be interesting to see and read this book though!! I like the bumper sticker that says, “I believe in the big bang theory, God said it and ‘BANG!’ it was done”!!

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