Ken Ham: Christian Colleges Compromising Creationism, Bible’s Authority

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Fri, May. 06 2011 11:42 AM EDT
By Stephanie Samuel

Ken Ham

Answers in Genesis President/CEO Ken Ham has new research showing that Christian institutions of higher learning have gone too far gone down the pathway of secularism and they need to be either totally overhauled or scrapped in favor of new biblically-sound schools. 

A hunch led him to survey the administration and faculty of 200 U.S. Christian campuses about their views on the authority of the Bible and the creation story versus evolution. A regular speaker on college campuses, Ham could tell that a metamorphosis has been occurring on Christian campuses.

What he found is bound to shock parents who send their children to Christian four-year institutions, he said.

According to data gathered last year by the America’s Research Group, only 17.3 percent of Christian institutions surveyed define “authority of the Bible” to mean “you believe everything it says.” Other institutions said the Bible is “foundational” (30 percent); “a book of guidelines” (22 percent) or “inspired by God” (21.2 percent). (Read more)

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2 thoughts on “Ken Ham: Christian Colleges Compromising Creationism, Bible’s Authority

  1. At one point the article above says;

    . Hall quoted George Fox University Professor and Researcher Gary Railsback in noting that 52 percent of incoming freshman who identify themselves as born-again Christians upon entering a secular public university will leave four years later either no longer identifying with that title or having not attended church in over a year.

    How do the LSU biology majors compare with that statistic when we compare graduation with the freshman class?

    In the latest book, Hall and Ham’s take on Christian colleges forces parents and students to take a second look at what has been considered by many to be the last safe place for Christian college students.

    Ham said the changes reflected in ARG’s 2010 data all started with a small crack in the colleges’ theology. That crack, he explained, is the way the institutions teach Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Ham, founder of the Creation Museum, asserted that too many Christian colleges and faculty members wrongly believe that it does not matter whether or not a Christian believes in a literal interpretation of creation (as having taken place in six 24-hour days) and a young earth.

    As noted on another thread – no SDA university has had a biology department running rogue in a sacrifice-all-for-belief-in-evolutionism fashion without first having support from the religion department.

    in Christ,


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  2. Yes, Bob, and the “crack” at LSU has been widening for several decades, until it now is wider than the any of the Southern California freeways.

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