Brian your right,but it won’t happen because they don’t believe …

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Brian your right,but it won’t happen because they don’t believe in a 6 day literal creation.
It seems like a simple problem and it should be.
Unfortunately many if not most of our science teachers are being decieved into thinking the available evidence requires them to disbelieve the creation account and the Bible. I’m love science myself, but we can’t know the past through current science or explain the working of God or sin on this earth.
Even so I think there is ample evidence that we can use to show how a short age earth is possible. This information should be taught to our students along with showing the false conclusions “science” theorys promote.
Teachers who believe these false theory’s can never teach Creationism, just as a true christian scientist can’t honestly teach long age evolution as truth. That is exactly why we have our own schools. If we want our students to have a worldy education, there is plenty of places to go.

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Report on LSU constituency meeting
I don’t think enough members/parents know the implications of this issue to effect enrollment. I would like to be wrong, but I know we have a huge number of cultural SDA’s in Calf who don’t see this as a problem.

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Right on the money Sean. This issue seems so clear to many of us, but there are many who have a misunderstanding of God and his ways. We must not judge their hearts. We can however judge many things/actions/ideas to be right or wrong. God has given us his laws and his word for that very reason.

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Very true ICR and AIG are miles ahead of us in most every area. We should be at the front of this Creation vs Evolution Issue, not debating if the Bible is true or not.

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Very well done. God is honored by the Biblical integrity of this statement.

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That was a great Statement. Too bad no one gave it much thought, much like the Creation summit statements of 2004.

I am aware the GC recently had meetings on the issue and are working to resolve it. Most of the GC leaders have united in support of literal creation from what I have heard. (this is good news)
However, it’s clear having meetings and giving out statements of support for Creationism isn’t going to change things very much at LSU. (the bad news)