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  1. Now that the Seminary has issued their statement, let’s have one from the LSU Religion Department defending the Biology Profs beliefs concerning “evolution as fact.” Then, let the “experts” go at it. Right here online and in a public forum.


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  2. You assume that Andrews’ biology program is “in the tank” for the myths fables and blunders of evolutionism.

    What if they just teach science instead of trying to rewrite the Bible doctrine on origins? What if they just deal with the actual facts of what is seen in the lab “instead”.

    In that case the Religion depart’s statement is not in conflict with AU’s biology department in the least.

    in Christ,



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  3. @BobRyan: Walter Veith again (sigh!).
    Please don’t refer to him as a scientist. Someone relating conspiracy theories as stupid as those promoted by him should not be called as a witness for anything. People like him actually give creationism a bad name.



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  4. Well, how about the statement by the LSU Biology Dept, excerpted below regarding LSU’s stand on evolution? Michigan Conference, please take note. If the LSU Biology Dept would agree to not address evolution in its classes, then perhaps the Andrews Seminary would agree to never mention Catholic dogma again. Seems a fair trade.
    From the recent LSU Biology Dept handout (emphasis is mine):

    “Our biology curriculum offers a selection of classes with both breadth and depth. It should be pointed out that the theory of
    evolution is discussed, BUT NOT PROMOTED, at La Sierra University. We believe that God the Creator is the source of all life.
    Students examine our denomination’s voted fundamental belief regarding creation and understand the data used to support
    our faith in creation. We believe that by providing a complete curriculum grounded in biological principles, paralleled and
    supported by a strong general education curriculum, students will be able to graduate with an integrated knowledge of their
    discipline as well as a stronger faith and understanding of God as their Creator and Saviour. The scientific data are presented
    just as they are at most other Seventh-day Adventist institutions, often with the same textbook. We believe that it is our
    responsibility to ensure that students receive a complete and comprehensive education as warranted by their given program
    of study.
    Our biology faculty have heard, and taken seriously, the questions and concerns expressed by some in our church. We continue
    to take steps to ensure that our students understand the Adventist Church’s voted position on creation and to help them
    understand the arguments that are used to support the statement of fundamental belief in creation.”


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  5. First of all, we’re not asking that the theory evolution not be taught. You have been misinformed on this point. The problem is how it is presented. They teach it as the truth. This is misrepresenting the church’s postion and contradictory to the Bible.

    This statement from the LSU biology department is nothing but misleading and bordering being an outright lie. It boggles my mind how they can claim not to promote the theory of evolution when it’s the only world view that is presented as truth. Absolutely no evidence has been found or presented by LSU that demonstrates that the church’s position is favorably promoted, if at all, in the biology courses taught. Yes, the theory of evolution is discussed, but many times as if it were true. This has been documented for over a year. When the professors believe the theory of evolution is truth and exclude promotion of the biblical world view as being true, then they are in fact promoting the theory of evolution. Unless they can show that they are promoting a recent, literal six-day creation, they are promoting the theory of evolution when they exclude other world views as being “lunatic” like one professor labeled those who believe in the biblical creation.

    Keep in mind that many of the biology faculty personally believe in long ages of life on earth and common ancestry. This is not a secret. They also do not believe that Genesis 1 & 2 depicts literal events that occurred in the recent past. This is why we have never seen statements from the department saying we believe and support the church’s position in a recent, literal six-day creation. All they can say is that they believe God the Creator is the source of all life.

    This is nothing more than a continuation of LSU’s deceptive advertising practices.


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